Silverchair ensures that publishers achieve their product vision by providing comprehensive product development and migration services, online management tools, and ongoing support.

The Silverchair Platform


Integrate and deliver scholarly and professional content from a single platform – journals, books, video, custom formats, and more.

  • Unlimited product & site creation from a single content repository
  • Built-in connections between products and sites in linking and search
  • Single, seamless SSO integration for customer authentication & entitlements
  • Single set of easy-to-master admin tools for publisher staff
  • Unified site and content analytics
  • You’ll never want to configure, administer, and maintain multiple platforms again!

Distinguish your content via comprehensive branding and provides flexible interfaces for all devices and content workflows.

  • Direct client control over all brand elements, site styles, and overall look & feel
  • All pages use Responsive Web Design (RWD) to automatically optimize display for mobile/tablet/desktop devices
  • Configurable display templates for common content types, with flexibility to create your own interfaces for custom content and workflows

Maximize the reach and ranking of your content by embedding the latest discoverability techniques.

  • Special focus on meeting the ever-evolving Google and Google Scholar recommendations – including SEO-friendly URLs with consistent structure, standardized document elements in html markup, pages optimized for mobile display and rapid load time, expertise in 301 redirects, delivery via HTTPS, top of the line javascript standards, and more.
  • Core integrations with scholarly and professional workflow tools (Google Scholar, CrossRef, PubMed, library discovery systems, and more).

Directly control site and product management in real-time.

  • Unlimited site and product creation/management from your content repository–launch new publications, promotional sites, topical sites, unique content combinations (and more) in just minutes.
  • Supports the full gamut of existing and emerging publishing revenue models from traditional institutional and individual subscriptions to open access, freemium, pay-per-view/rental, advertising, and more.

Improve your content production efficiency with easy-to-use content ingestion and semantic enrichment tools.

  • “Strict but fair” content ingestion tools ensure that your content is formatted correctly to display consistently
  • Validate and publish your content within minutes, or schedule it for a precise release time
  • Built-in semantic enrichment for all ingested content via our Semedica® tool to automatically identify significant entities and topics for use in search, linking, reporting, and user profiling

Deliver on strict reliability, scalability, and performance guarantees.

  • Robust Service Level Agreements (SLAs) for uptime, speed, and support response times
  • High performance worldwide through built-in Cloud and CDN content delivery

Include robust coverage of global security and accessibility standards.

  • Including WCAG (AA), PCI, Section 508, EU Cookie Policies, OWASP Application Security Verification Standards, and more

The Silverchair Universe

The Silverchair Universe is a framework of complementary products and services that publishers may choose to integrate with the Silverchair Platform. Through formalized relationships with industry leaders, The Silverchair Universe offers default integration into Silverchair templates and tools for frictionless activation, providing a customizable, turnkey solution to the unique challenges of our clients.

Comprehensive Development & Migration Services

At Silverchair we have migrated many publishers to the Silverchair Platform and have developed a comprehensive and repeatable system for successful migrations and launch. Our services include:

Content Validation and Loading

We provide fully-managed content preparation and loading services, or have your staff or partners use our powerful online content validation and loading tool to do it yourself. Either way you choose, all content is processed by our automated semantic enrichment system the moment it is loaded to add extra power to search, linking, and discoverability.

Tailored Integrations

The Silverchair Platform includes standard hooks into CRM, advertising, federated search, content aggregators, reporting, and marketing systems. We also provide fully custom integration development to ensure all of your existing systems are tied closely to the platform.

Product Design

Our designers have spent years watching and interviewing scholarly and professional users and have incorporated all that they’ve learned into our interfaces. We offer comprehensive design services anchored by your brand – or include your own designers for a collaborative effort.

Full-Service Configuration

Our configuration teams work closely with your product team to determine the Silverchair Platform features most valuable to your audience. Our team then fully constructs and deploys the initial launch version of your products.

Full-Service Customization

Where your publications have unique needs not covered by existing Silverchair Platform features, we’ll work with your product owners to closely define and develop those features as a customization to your products.

Tech/Security Audit Support

As security and technical compliance gain more importance and visibility across the industry, Silverchair stands ready to support your security and IT teams with comprehensive documentation of our systems and security audit assistance.

Tools Training

Silverchair provides onsite and virtual training for publisher staff (and their agents) on our full suite of management tools both prior to and post-migration.

Fully Managed Launches

Silverchair executes a checklist of more than 150 activities at each launch to ensure full business continuity.

The Best Support Team in the Business

Your product vision doesn’t stop at launch, and neither does Silverchair’s support. Silverchair provides 24/7 production support as well as a dedicated team to assist your operational staff and perform additional product extensions.

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