Fully managed migration services, including content validation & loading, tailored integrations, & tools training
Robust coverage of global security & accessibility standards
Strict reliability, scalability, & performance guarantees
Easy-to-use content ingestion & semantic enrichment tools
Direct, real-time site & product management
SEO & discoverability insights to maximize the reach & ranking of your content
Comprehensive branding & flexible interfaces for all devices & workflows
Integrate & deliver all your content from a single platform – journals, books, proceedings, video, & more

The Silverchair Platform balances scale, flexibility, efficiency, and discoverability, allowing us to meet the challenges of publishers with a wide range of content volumes, varieties, and specializations. Our agile architecture and future-proof technologies allow us to support publishing strategies both now and as they evolve.

The Silverchair Platform has been intentionally architected for flexibility so that publishers can easily match their unique audience needs with customizations and extensions. Over 20 years at the forefront of semantic content enrichment has enabled us to expand our technology and services beyond journals and books, to other areas of key importance for society publishers—including advertising & marketing technology, education, meetings, member engagement, author services, and more.

With a platform specifically built for customization and services designed to support your independence, you can

start with Silverchair and go anywhere.

Publisher TOOLS

Clients of all sizes benefit from our robust self-serve site management tools – SiteManager, SiteBuilder, ProductBuilder, and Zipline – allowing publisher staff to manage all facets of their sites, including subscription and access management, content uploading, production and publication management, web page editing and layout, collection creation, e-commerce management, and reporting and analytics.

These tools empower publishers to manage all relevant activities on their own, in real time, so that their organization can respond and adapt to business and mission needs.

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Your product vision doesn’t stop at launch, and neither does Silverchair’s support. Silverchair provides 24/7 production support as well as a dedicated team to assist your operational staff and perform additional product extensions.

Client Case Studies

Each Silverchair client has a unique mission, product vision, and set of user needs. Read recent case studies to learn how we’ve helped publishers to achieve their goals.

Feature: Learn how Silverchair developed MIT Press Direct in less than four months with the full suite of Silverchair Platform tools and staying on-brand with MITP’s heavily documented style guide.

MITP homepage and mobile

The Silverchair Universe

The Silverchair Universe is a framework of complementary products and services that publishers may choose to integrate with the Silverchair Platform. Universe partners are best-in-class vendors that provide everything from video hosting to translation, machine learning, and open science solutions.

What clients are saying about the Silverchair Platform:

“Our first priority is to serve the scientific community, and the Silverchair Platform ensures that we meet this commitment by providing an excellent reading experience with cutting edge functionality.” —Susan King, Ph.D., Executive Director, Rockefeller University Press
“The partnership with Silverchair has been really strong. Our ability to direct our own development is why we've been able to build tools in partnership. The ability for us to be able to target widgets on our sites and set up new sites at will, that's been extremely valuable.” —Paul Gee, VP of Digital Product Management and Development at JAMA Network
“The content published by our customers deserves the very best digital publishing technology. We firmly believe the Meridian platform, powered by Silverchair, enhances our customers’ journal readership, engagement and dissemination.” —Mark Kohlhase, Allen Press interim CEO
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