PLATFORM STRATEGIES is an event series offering both virtual and in-person opportunities for scholarly and professional publishing leaders to learn, network, and share their thoughts on the technology and strategy trends shaping the industry. Bringing together case studies, innovators in adjacent industries, and in-depth discussions on the hot topics, Platform Strategies offers powerful insights for publishing leaders.

Learn more & buy tickets for the in-person event on September 25th, plus view recordings & register for our spring webinar series.

Platform Strategies 2024

Platform Strategies 2024

Tickets are now on sale for the 2024 event on September 25th in Washington, DC. View the agenda, learn more, and save your seat here. Use code PS24-EARLY for $50 off the ticket price through July 1st. Plus: email to inquire about joining DCL, PSI, & Digital Science as event sponsors!

“It was a great balance of keynote, panel discussions, brief workshops, & networking. Topics were highly relevant, & panelists were very well chosen.”

an excellent series of prescient, meaningful discussions
Thanks to our sponsors, DCL, PSI, and Digital Science
as usual, an interesting, thought-provoking, community event

AI Lab Reports Webinar Series

The 2024 edition of Silverchair’s annual spring webinar series focuses on the experiments, applications, and best practices around AI in scholarly and professional publishing. In each event, presenters will offer high-level overviews, case studies, and actionable takeaways for organizations looking to implement AI and innovation more generally into your organization. Explore the session descriptions & speakers here, then sign up to join us!

AI Lab reports webinar series

visit the platform strategies archive

“Platform Strategies is THE EVENT of the year. Silverchair does a phenomenal job of uniting the scholarly publishing community to learn from a diverse group of experts on the topics and trends that mean the most to the industry today. You don’t want to miss this one!” —Jennifer Regala, American Urological Association
``This conference blows all other STM publishing conferences out of the water.`` —Anonymous attendee survey
``A not-to-be-missed event!`` —Violaine Iglesias, Cadmore Media
``Excellent level of presentations, great mix of strategy and execution, excellent networking with diverse and high level group of attendees.`` —Anonymous attendee survey
``Excellent forum and really good interactions. It's always valuable to be in a room with a lot of smart people exchanging opinions and ideas.`` —Anonymous attendee survey
``Silverchair pulled that off an exceptional demonstration of great timing and logistics. The topics were all informative and the speakers expectational. It was a great learning experience for me as well as meeting a divers group of people.`` —Tim Lovelace, ReadSpeaker
``I really enjoyed the conference and left feeling energized.`` —Jennifer Mayfield, OSA
``The attendees are essentially all of my favorite people from industry meetings all in one room. So I find this meeting really valuable for catching up with all the people I like to keep close with.`` —Allison Belan, Duke University Press

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