The Platform Strategies meeting at the New York Academy of Sciences has been postponed to 2021, and we look forward to seeing you all there. Meanwhile, we invite you to continue to engage around the technologies and strategies that support professional and scholarly knowledge in a new webinar series.

Platform Strategies Webinar Series


If curation is the future, what actually works?

November 10, 11am EST / 4pm GMT

Curation has always been at the heart of scholarly publishing, from the peer review process through to publishing and measuring impact, with myriad qualitative and quantitative judgements taking place in between. Earlier this year, an award funded by the Wellcome Trust to “support learned society publishers who want to explore new ways of signaling the significance of published research outputs in an open and transparent manner,” signals the continued importance of publishers’ curatorial function in scientific communication. But there’s so many ways to approach curation—automated or manually, expert or machined—what really works and engages readers? And what systems serve as prerequisites for these approaches? Join Tasha Mellins-Cohen of the Microbiology Society (recipient of one of the Wellcome Trust awards), Claire Moulton, Publisher of The Company of Biologists (home to the preLights, a new preprint highlights service), and Bert Carelli, Director of Partnerships at the recommendation engine TrendMD, to discuss how they’ve engaged their communities and what comes next.

Platform Strategies Video Library

Platform Strategies Video Library

Revisit recordings of previous years’ sessions, hosted in a new video library by Cadmore Media, complete with full, searchable, interactive, and downloadable transcripts.
Platform Strategies 2019

Platform Strategies 2019

PS19 Archive: View the 2019 agenda, download presentations, and watch recordings from the 2019 event held in NYC.
Platform Strategies 2018

Platform Strategies 2018

PS18 Archive: View the 2018 agenda, download presentations, and view recordings from the 2018 meeting in Washington, DC.

Praise for Platform Strategies

This conference blows all other STM publishing conferences out of the water.
A not-to-be-missed event!
Excellent forum and really good interactions. It's always valuable to be in a room with a lot of smart people exchanging opinions and ideas.
Excellent venue for learning about advances, networking, and formal and informal interchange.
A thoughtful program, strong speakers, and an excellent bunch of people attending.
The attendees are essentially all of my favorite people from industry meetings all in one room. So I find this meeting really valuable for catching up with all the people I like to keep close with.

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