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The Silverchair Platform is home to innovative digital products in research, reference, and education. With flexible technology and a suite of powerful DIY tools, Silverchair enables scholarly and professional publishers to unite their journals, books, meetings, education, news, multimedia, and more.

The Silverchair Platform

Your home for books, journals, multimedia, proceedings, & more

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Digital transformation takes more than just state-of-the-art technology, which is why The Silverchair Platform delivers high-touch product strategy, support, and development services. These offerings are underpinned by a dedicated culture of service that distinguishes us in the industry.

``Great partner to work with, really a gold standard for others in the industry to strive towards.`` —Oxford University Press


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Why publishers are choosing Silverchair:

``We wanted a robust platform and a company that was forward-thinking – that was important to us. We wanted to ensure that they were staying on top of what was coming in the publishing space, and that they were bring that to the platform for us instead of us having to always be developing it ourselves.``
``We wanted a lot of flexibility - that was a big priority. Another priority was being able to partner with an organization that could serve as a network and a hub of other independent scholarly publishers.``
``We were looking for a pricing model that did not financially penalize us for growth. We wanted price predictability.``
``Silverchair has a solid reputation for quality services. Their teams have been collaborative, curious, and a huge support to the scholarly publishing world. Their independence has been a large part of their success.`` —Client Satisfaction Survey 2023
``We wanted to partner with someone who seemed to be thinking about technology in a smart, flexible, forward-looking way.``
``We wanted a platform that would allow us to broaden the array of content that we could host on a platform.``
``Our product is successful because of our partnership with Silverchair. Our work with a different vendor was not as collaborative and therefore not as innovative.``
``We were looking for something that was a good price, reliable, and we wanted them to be pleasant to work with, and to fit with our culture.``
``We wanted to have more control over how the website worked and how it looks, and to have direct access to those tools.``
``We wanted to be a part of a community.``

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