``Silverchair conducts migrations more expertly than anyone in the industry. Moreover, their attention to the client experience is unrivaled. From the very first welcome message to the on-time launch of our site (yes, it's possible!), they carefully walked us through every stage, organized and captured every detail and made us feel heard at every point. I've experienced a number of migrations over the years, and Silverchair has written the ultimate playbook on how to do them well.`` —Stephanie Austin, American Accounting Association


  • NISO Recommended Practices Around Content Platform Migrations: Silverchair was an active member of the NISO Content Platform Migrations Working Group and helped to write the NISO Recommended Practices Around Content Platform Migrations.
  • The Positive Side Effects of a Platform Migration: Marianne Calilhanna and Brian Trombley of Data Conversion Laboratory explore the positive side effects publishers can experience during a platform migration (including discoverability & accessibility), particularly around upgrading their content structure.
  • Platform Migrations: A Phased Approach: In the past few years, we’ve seen more clients approaching migrations not as a single massive undertaking, but as a phased, iterative process.
  • Sample communication plan: Duke University Press‘s Platform Migration page includes a number of resources for librarians and vendors, as well as other communication resources. DUP received excellent feedback on their migration communication, so we recommend assembling similar content as your migration progresses.
  • SSP Seminar: Thinking the Unthinkable, Or How to Prepare for a Platform Migration: This seminar breaks down the migration project into its constituent efforts. Publishers fresh off of recent migrations highlight lessons-learned, and librarians share what they wish we knew when changing platforms. Members of the vendor community also fielded questions and offered tips. Watch this highly interactive session to learn what practical, concrete steps you can take now.
  • Considerations When Planning a Platform Migration: Advice from the Front Line: There are specific tasks platform providers and production teams can undertake to make migrations smoother. This panel presentation brings together the platform experts themselves to discuss strategies and tactics that may minimize some (but probably not all!) stress.
  • Read Case Studies of recent Silverchair migrations: Hear directly from your peers about the challenges each publisher was looking to tackle, the collaborative process & solution design, and the results of the migration.
Demystifying Migrations Part 1


Mention a platform migration in a room full of publishers, and you’re likely to notice a ripple of shivers through the crowd – PTSD from previous experiences and colleague horror stories. But on the ground, that’s no longer the story.

demystifying migrations part 2


After years of experience, industry-wide collaborations, and leaps forward in automations and technology, migrations are efficient, predictable, and significantly simpler.

See what a silverchair migration looks like for you:

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“Our first priority is to serve the scientific community, and the Silverchair Platform ensures that we meet this commitment by providing an excellent reading experience with cutting edge functionality.” —Susan King, Ph.D., Executive Director, Rockefeller University Press
``I appreciate the responsiveness of Silverchair to customer needs and wishes, and the openness of all staff I've interacted with.`` —Patty Chase, Duke University Press
“Communication is a strength for Silverchair. Concerns and requirements are shared across the organization, which empowers publishers to make informed decisions.”—Keith T. Gigliello, American Society of Hematology
``The Silverchair team really listens. I have made so many suggestions to them that they have actually incorporated into the platform, which is really helpful and nice to see.`` —Rob O'Donnell, Rockefeller University Press
“We wanted a robust platform and a company that was forward-thinking – that was important to us. We wanted to ensure that they were staying on top of what was coming in the publishing space, and that they were bring that to the platform for us instead of us having to always be developing it ourselves.” —Rebekah Stacha, Society of Petroleum Engineers
``We appreciate your approach to partnership with clients and your commitment to constant improvement of products, processes, and site effectiveness.`` —2022 Client Satisfaction Survey

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