The AI world moves fast, and scholarly and scientific content is too important to be left behind. We’ve created the AI Lab as a flexible space where we can bring prototypes to our clients quickly, testing their effectiveness and ensuring they are helping publishers achieve their goals, from improving user experience to protecting the value of content in an evolving knowledge ecosystem.

AI-Generated Summaries (beta)

Making research findings more accessible

AI-Generated Summaries offer simplified—and automated—plain-language explanations of articles, making them more easily understood by media, funding agencies, and other non-experts. Without asking anything else of your authors, you can offer readers in new audiences a critical tool to bridge the gap between accessibility and understandability.

AI generated summaries

SilverChat (beta)

Helping publishers get the most out of the Silverchair Platform

SilverChat acts as a client’s personal platform expert, answering questions about tools, content specifications, and more on the spot. We pride ourselves on offering the most thorough and innovative customer support possible. With SilverChat, we take it to the next level.

Dynamic Discovery (in development)

Creating new ways for users to interact with content

Using RAG (retrieval-augmented generation) frameworks, we can offer generative chat functionality that pulls specifically from high-value publisher content to answer questions and link to cited content. It represents a fundamental shift in how people find answers to questions, with a dynamic user experience for researchers that still preserves the value of the version of record.

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