Platform Strategies Webinar Series

Platform Strategies is a dynamic annual event exploring the technologies and strategies that support professional and scholarly knowledge. Register for events in our new webinar series, and explore content from previous meetings.

Platform Strategies Webinar Series
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Silverchair Forum

At our annual client meeting, the Silverchair Forum, clients get an opportunity to take a deep look into our technology, our roadmap, and what we’ve accomplished in the last year. Attendees get an intense exposure over the course of the day to the philosophy and culture of the company. With long term commitments between Silverchair and clients, it is crucial to know who you’re partnering with on a deeper level.

Upcoming Events

Platform Strategies Webinar Series

If curation is the future, what actually works?

November 10, 11am EST / 4pm GMT Curation has always been at the heart of scholarly publishing, But there’s so many ways to approach curation—automated or manually, expert or machined—what really works and engages readers? And what systems serve as prerequisites for these approaches? Join...
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The Silverchair Universe Presents ReadSpeaker

October 14, 2020,  11am EST / 4pm GMT Join Ginger Dewy from ReadSpeaker to learn about the importance of providing a Text to Speech feature for your learning content. In schools, colleges, and professional development, today’s learners use technology differently, accessing content from a multitude...
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Frankfurt Book Fair 2020

The Frankfurt Book Fair 2020 will be held October 14-18.
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ConTech Week 2020

ConTech Week 2020, November 16-19 The world of content creation, dissemination and consumption is facing enormous change. ConTech Week 2020 talks about the disruption and transformation of organisations as well as the threats and opportunities they face. ConTech Week 2020 is a global event for...
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The Silverchair Universe Presents UNSILO

November 17, 2020,  11am EST / 4pm GMT Learn more about Silverchair Universe partner UNSILO. UNSILO finds relevant knowledge and discovers new patterns across text. It uses machine learning and natural language processing to extract semantically significant phrases from text. As a partner in the...
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