At Silverchair, we believe that the communities we are part of play a vital role in the continued success of our industry, our clients, our partners, and our business. That’s why we foster our community through active and intentional engagement. We are committed members of the scholarly and professional publishing communities and also organize our own industry meeting, Platform Strategies.

These efforts are all made for the direct benefit of the publishers who have partnered with Silverchair. The Silverchair client community is a growing constellation of societies, independent publishers, university presses, and more. Our clients enjoy the collective benefit of shared ideas, action, and collaboration, particularly in charting out future functionalities and integrations.

We intentionally foster our client community in numerous ways, including:

  • A comprehensive engagement model designed to facilitate both short- and long-term alignment
  • Subject-focused Publisher Working Groups
  • Client events aimed at sharing knowledge and building connections between publishers
  • A client-only website with product information, company news, event archives, and opportunities for cross-publisher collaboration

Learn more about our community below, or get in touch to experience it for yourself.

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Platform Strategies

Join technology & publishing leaders to discuss evolving industry & user needs

Client Community

See who’s in our prestigious, engaged, & growing community of scholarly & professional publishers

Case Studies

Hear first-hand how we help our publishers address their unique challenges & thrive

Silverchair Universe

Learn more about our best-in-class partner network & explore their offerings

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What Our Clients are Saying

``I appreciate the knowledge, support, enthusiasm and good humour that is prevalent across the team.`` —Oxford University Press
“Communication is a strength for Silverchair. Concerns and requirements are shared across the organization, which empowers publishers to make informed decisions.” —Keith T. Gigliello, Senior Manager, Digital Publications, American Society of Hematology
“Joining the Silverchair Platform gives us greater flexibility as we evolve the ways in which we present content to our communities, enhancing our service to readers and authors.” —Claire Moulton, Publisher, The Company of Biologists
With Silverchair, I really truly see them as colleagues. I think that that is extremely unique. I’ve never felt that way with other third-party developers. So, I think it speaks a lot to the relationship and also just the approach that Silverchair takes with their clients.” —Client Satisfaction Survey
``Our relationship with Silverchair continues to feel like a real partnership, where we both work to reach mutually satisfying resolutions to problems and seek opportunities for improvement.`` —Client Satisfaction Survey
``Our partnership with Silverchair ensures that we not only keeps pace with current publishing enhancements and the expectations of our users, but push the boundaries of what OnePetro can become.`` —Rebekah Stacha, Assistant Director, Technical Publications, Society of Petroleum Engineers
``We appreciate Silverchair's collaborative partnership to help us achieve our strategic objectives.`` —Professor Richard Reece, Chair of the Board of Directors, Portland Press Limited

Professional Memberships, Initiatives, & Industry Partners

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