We’re developing the next generation of products, services, and business models—our annual client meeting offers a chance to learn more about how we think and how we are positioning ourselves and our clients for success.

In 2020, we shifted our in-person event to a series of monthly virtual events, complemented by subject-specific publisher working groups and other ongoing engagements. Learn more about past client events below.

Silverchair forum

Silverchair’s annual client meeting provides an opportunity to take a deep look into our technology, our roadmap, and what we’ve accomplished in the last year. Attendees get an intense exposure over the course of the day to the philosophy and culture of the company. With long term commitments between Silverchair and clients, it is crucial to know who you’re partnering with on a deeper level.

Here’s what clients take away from these events:

  • A clearer sense of Silverchair’s goals, product roadmap, and tools.
  • A deeper understanding of the industry, recent developments within in it, its future, and the global forces shaping it, as well as a better sense of how your organization can maximize its position
  • Closer relationships with Silverchair employees – from the ones you work with on a weekly basis, to those making broader decisions about the direction of the platform.
  • A broader network of colleagues with whom you can learn industry trends, hear case studies, and collaborate. You’ll get to hear how other publishers are tackling the same problems that your organization has with fresh ideas.
  • A wealth of ideas to bring back to your organization that challenge, energize, and inspire your team.

The Silverchair Forum
 lays the foundation for a productive long-term partnership, and we look forward to continuing the conversation.

Praise from past attendees:

“I would describe the event as ‘conceptually focused’ with specific examples provided throughout: really good. The statistical review and analysis was fantastic.”

“The flow, organization, and communication of ideas and strategy was excellent, and something all scholarly publishers should know about. I could tell you have great team working together, and keeping ahead of the curve.”

“The operational focus was very helpful – it allowed clients to fully understand Silverchair’s organizational structure, philosophy and strategic objectives. Clients were able to identify areas of synergy with publisher’s goals and those of Silverchair.”

Contact Forum@silverchair.com for more information.

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