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Measuring value is one of the greatest challenges facing the research funding and publishing ecosystems today.  

From fragmented data to inconsistent metrics across stakeholders, questions of value and impact linger throughout the research landscape. Sensus Impact seeks to change this, a community-led solution to an industry-wide struggle.  

With funder databases bringing together citations, usage, and altmetrics, funders can now see the impact of a publisher’s reach, as well as the value of their investments.

Build the future of research impact

Join the Community of Practice

Sensus Impact is a community initiative, supported by a group of more than 30 publishers. Get involved and inform the evolution of value reporting for funded research. 

Create Your Funder Dashboard

There’s value in community. Join the funders already involved with Sensus Impact. Measure the impact of your grants and awards in one place with interactive dashboards. 

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There’s so much exciting news to come from Sensus Impact as we grow our community. Stay up-to-date by signing up for the latest news on standardizing impact assessment. 

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