Silverchair’s Text & Data Mining (TDM) interface delivers publishers’ content in packages that are optimized for machine learning algorithms and emerging artificial intelligence analysis techniques, enabling publishers to better meet the needs of research and commercial data scientists.

text and data mining

Designed for large-scale data science projects, the TDM interface enables the purchase and download of highly granular, normalized JSON metadata and full-text content packages, saving data scientists significant time and effort in assembling and preparing content for their research and commercial projects. The packages provide a detailed breakdown of each content element and entity into their own unique, easily identifiable, and readily-scriptable form. Once downloaded, the structured packages can be combined with other content sources and processed in the data scientist’s system of choice.

TDM interface

Once logged in to the TDM interface, users may browse all journals or filter by journal name. Publishers can customize landing page messaging to their users and link to additional information. Publishers who use the Silverchair Platform have full control over the deployment and monetization settings of the TDM interface.

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