Silverchair’s Platform Strategies meeting, an industry conference exploring the intersection of business strategy and technology, will be held in New York City on September 25 and 26.

In this series of blog posts, the Silverchair team will give you a preview of Platform Strategies’ program, a look behind the scenes at our planning and preparations, and share what we’re looking forward to. You can find out more about Platform Strategies here and register here.

I’m looking forward to taking in a broader perspective while attending Platform Strategies by hearing from a variety of speakers on a wide range of relevant topics and having the opportunity to converse with those in attendance. It’s very easy for me to lose sight of the bigger picture when I’m focusing on solving day to day to problems in my role at Silverchair. It will be nice to break up that routine, back up, and really get a better view of the overall landscape within which Silverchair operates. Unlike some of my colleagues, I do not often interact with clients and industry partners.

Last year was my first year attending Platform Strategies. The quality of the speakers and their presentations exceeded my expectations. Before my time with Silverchair, I had attended conferences where the content was not as relevant, and the audience was not as engaged. I was pleasantly surprised by Platform Strategies and I’m sure you will be too! Check out the schedule and I’m sure you’ll find many topics that are relevant to you. Hope to see you there!
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Jon Meadows is the Director of Software Engineering and is responsible for managing and working with Silverchair’s technology leaders in the areas of software development, software quality assurance, technical operations, and user interface and user experience.

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