Silverchair’s Platform Strategies meeting, an industry conference exploring the intersection of business strategy and technology, will be held in New York City on September 25 and 26.

In this series of blog posts, the Silverchair team will give you a preview of Platform Strategies’ program, a look behind the scenes at our planning and preparations, and share what we’re looking forward to. You can find out more about Platform Strategies here and request your invitation by writing

This year’s Strategies will be my 7th since joining Silverchair and I am looking forward, as always, to seeing many of our long-time customers and industry colleagues. I started originally at Silverchair as a Project Manager, working on the ASME project which is now nearing the end of a complete site refresh. Many of the same folks I worked with a number of years ago still attend Strategies, and I always look forward to catching up, hearing how things are going, and learning about new opportunities. In addition, we will be meeting with many colleagues and potential customers of Silverchair, and it’s great to hear about what’s going on in various publishing organizations, what concerns them, and how they see the future unfolding.

Of course with the successful expansion of Platform Strategies last year, we can all look forward to a wider variety of speakers and related topics. This helps us all learn collectively from others’ experiences and insights, and the expanded audience capacity allows us all to better exchange ideas.

I look forward to seeing you there!  Register here.

Craig Griffin is a Solutions Engineer at Silverchair. Craig works with clients, end-users, architects, and user experience designers to develop Platform solutions for our client’s success. This role includes market evaluation, feature analysis, business case development, technical review, and prioritization.

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