You know about Composer, the Silverchair authoring tool that gives first-class treatment to semi-structured content like blogs, news, and beyond. As more clients have begun using the tool, Silverchair's own teams have also become more familiar with it, exploring its extensive functionality and discovering tricks for maximizing its potential. Below, Business Analyst Adriana Collins shares some of her favorite aspects.


Silverchair Composer gives publishers the ability to create unique content unlike any other kind on the Silverchair Platform. Using Composer, our clients can do anything from create simple blog posts to create pages with only images. Here's some examples of content that our clients have been able to create:

Composer also allows clients to create special collections, building queries in ProductBuilder like normal to pull in Composer content. Clients can build pages like this:

I've also been impressed by the flexibility built in to the tool and how easy it is for clients to make modifications to styling on their own. Users can take advantage of the WYSIWYG interface, or click "view source code" to go under the hood and get even more creative.

As more and more publishers leverage Composer's flexibility and functionality, I know we’ll all continue to learn more about the tool, and I'm excited to see what we'll create together.


Learn more about Composer directly from users, in new case studies from AAP and ASH.

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