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Silverchair employs over 40 developers with a hybrid working environment that gives teams the flexibility to work remotely or in our historic Charlottesville offices in whatever combination works best for their lives. Our developer community collaborates on things like developer lunch and learns that cover topics from Solr and XML querying to atomic design, with myriad lightning talks in between.

Learn more about being a developer at Silverchair below, then explore current openings.

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Devops spotlight

At Silverchair, we see “DevOps” less as a team, and more as the set of tools and infrastructure that helps teams release clean, carefully reviewed, and well-tested code. Read more about how DevOps operates at Silverchair in this spotlight.

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Silverchair’s 25+ years have taught us that there’s no single path to becoming a developer. People join our team from a variety of backgrounds and career paths, and that variety is a part of what makes our teams so creative, dynamic, and effective. Read more on our blog.

developer spotlights

Silverchair welcomes applications from developers at all stages of their careers and prioritizes career growth for our team, with plenty of learning and promotion opportunities throughout your journey. All the developers featured below started at Silverchair as associate developers—most of them right out of college. Hear more about their experiences below.

matt early

Matt, Senior .NET Developer

  • I’m a senior .NET developer who mentors new developers and provides technical assistance when gathering project requirements.
  • I love the environment and the people I work with.  The work environment at Silverchair is relaxed and I feel that I can be creative in my work.

What tips or advice do you have for early-career developers? Don’t be afraid to reach out to different people at Silverchair.  We are all here to help in any way we can.  This allows you to work with all kinds of people and learn from them.


Kelly, Developer

  • I am a software developer and primarily work on projects for Oxford University Press (OUP).  I design solutions that fit well with the rest of the Silverchair Platform.  I also write code to implement these solutions.
  • When I think about what I like about working at Silverchair, the first thing that comes to mind is my coworkers.  I get the pleasure of working every day with super smart, kind, and helpful people.

What tips or advice do you have for early-career developers? Don’t be afraid to ask questions, and expect learning a new job to take time.  I did not feel like I was benefitting my team until I had worked at Silverchair for around 9 weeks.


Nikolai, Developer

  • I am a software developer on the new builds team. My day-to-day work is helping to stand up new clients on our platform, and developing new features or enhancements to fit a new client’s needs.
  • I enjoy the types of projects I get to work on. Silverchair’s platform is complex, and the challenges of expanding it are very satisfying. The culture is great as well, you are surrounded by really talented people.

What tips or advice do you have for early-career developers? When I was an associate, the things that most helped me were: volunteering for things that seemed too challenging and asking for help constantly. Silverchair has a culture of high performance and high collaboration – asking for help and initiating that collaboration is really welcome.


Erik, Senior Developer

  • I work as a senior developer at Silverchair.  The work varies but a few examples are working on tech designs to figure out how to incorporate new features into our platform, implementing the tech designs, and bug fixes.  I also advise other developers when they are working on difficult tasks, or through code review feedback.
  • Silverchair is fairly flexible when you can work.  I enjoy being able to get on and work a little early so that I can get off a little early. I also like the Silverchair culture.  I really feel like I’m part of the team and can be myself and joke about smuggling a capybara into Virginia to own as a pet (or is it a joke?).

What tips or advice do you have for early-career developers? Try not to get offended or take it personally when you get feedback on code reviews.  The feedback you are given is meant to help you improve as a developer, as well as make the codebase cleaner.  Also, don’t be afraid to ask questions, or ask if something is unclear.

jeremy little

Jeremy, Senior Developer

  • I am a software developer working on new clients and the Silverchair Platform. My days mostly consist of working with other developers to design and implement new features and platform improvements for our clients.
  • The constant learning and technical mentorship here have been very valuable for my growth as a developer. I also enjoy the level of collaboration and the variety of work in my day-to-day life here.

What tips or advice do you have for early-career developers? Try to surround yourself with good mentors and learn as much as you can from them. The more exposure you can get with people who are very good at what they do, the more you will learn from them as a result.

Our developers architect, design, and implement cutting-edge features for our flagship digital publishing products, serving the likes of Oxford University Press, the America Medical Association, MIT Press, and more publishers working at the forefront of research. We operate in an Agile framework and value learning and collaboration in all that we do.

Want to learn more? Read the job description or email to start the conversation.

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