TrendMD distributes links to content via a cross-publisher recommendation widget that is simple and free for scholarly publishers to install on their websites. More than 4,000 scholarly publishing sites, including BMJ, PNAS, American Academy of Pediatrics, and The Lancet promote their articles to over 80 million unique users each month through TrendMD, helping them achieve goals like these:

  • Increase overall readership
  • Increase subscription revenue
  • Attract more authors
  • Raise Impact Factor
  • Increase ad impressions/ad revenue
  • Promote events/themes/collections

Links to additional related internal content increase page views by your own users, and the links to external content generate credits that can be used to acquire new readers and attract authors. Earned and purchased credits are used to promote links to their own content on sites across the network using a flexible cost-per-click model.



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