PSI is an independent third-party, which enables libraries, publishers and membership societies to work together securely and confidentially towards the common goals of eliminating subscription abuse, eradicating IP misuse, and combating cybercrime.

PSI is the developer of both and

IP registryWith publishers and libraries can save time and streamline processes, eliminate errors, improve the reliability of usage metrics and ensure the right content is accessible to the right users.

IP Intrusion

With publishers, and soon libraries, can join the community driven fight against cybercrime.

PSI is the brainchild of two veterans of the publishing world who hold over 40 years of STM publishing experience. It was while working for major publishers that they recognised the extent of IP misuse and subscription abuse, the damage it was causing to the community as a whole, and the need to identify a viable means of addressing these issues. Since then they have recognised the unique position that PSI finds itself in to encourage collaboration, communication and innovation among the various stakeholders of the academic library and publishing world for the benefit of the whole community.

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