If you're reading this post, it means you've already found your way to our new Silverchair-client-only space, The Forum Hub—welcome!

The recent absence of in-person meetings and the community-building that took place at our annual client meeting, Silverchair Forum, has highlighted the need for virtual spaces in which we can communicate directly with clients about company-wide updates and opportunities and in which clients can also find ways to connect with one another. This is why we've created the Forum Hub (accessed via a link in the Tools Portal), which hosts shared client documentation & product resources, information about client-only news and events, and opportunities for collaboration and information-sharing. Moving this content out of Confluence enables easier reference and wider access, while providing a cleaner user experience to clients.

Below is an overview of what the Hub has to offer:

user guides

Connected to the launch of the Tools Portal is the release of redesigned, updated, and upgraded Silverchair Platform Tool User Guides. The project to refresh our user guides has been underway for many months and includes new internal processes for ensuring that these materials stay up to date to better serve our clients. Thanks to the tools SSO, anyone with a Silverchair Platform tool user account will be able to access the user guides in their new space.

Silverchair's platform release notes are sent out with each 3-week sprint and include details on noteworthy changes in each release. This page includes links to the release notes archive, as well as a form to add yourself to that mailing list. Long-term, we hope to add the ability to search all past release notes.


Previously, much of our client-only communications have been sent out with the release notes, which means they often got lost in the abundance of information. The new client blog gives us a space to host client-only communications for easy access and reference. We also welcome guest posts from clients: featuring recent work, requesting input from other publishers, or other community topics.


As you know, Silverchair's Platform Development Plan is available—LIVE—for our publishers to view at any time. We've now moved this valuable resource out of Confluence for easier reference and an improved viewing experience. There, you may also see category and theme definitions, FAQs, and more.


NEW with the launch of the Forum Hub is an opt-in Client Directory. The Silverchair Client Directory is a private, opt-in only listing of Silverchair clients who are open to being contacted for collaboration purposes, questions, or networking. To add your name to the list, please complete the form on that page.


The Glossary is a list of commonly used technology, agile, and Silverchair-specific terms. From Agile to UX, we've compiled a list of the terms we found most useful to those new to our platform. Got a suggestion? Email forum@silverchair.com and we'll be happy to add it.


The Silverchair Forum is our annual client meeting, typically held in person. In 2020, we shifted to a series of monthly virtual events. This page offers links to register for upcoming events as well as recordings of past events.


Finally, for ease-of-reference, we've included links to the Silverchair Content Specifications (SCJATS & SCBITS). Here, you may download the latest spec package and access other resources, like the Zipline packaging guide.



The Forum Hub is designed to grow and evolve based on client feedback, and we welcome your ideas as you explore the space. Let us know what you think: forum@silverchair.com.

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