The past two years have ushered in tremendous change in the ways people communicate, connect, and consume content online. The pandemic has expedited the transition towards increasingly online experiences, and the shift to open access has set forth new challenges for the industry to overcome. There’s never been a more critical time for publishers to build relationships with their readers through personalized, digital-first experiences.

The number one challenge for digital content publications in 2022 is that publishers are mostly strangers to their audience.” - Tim Barton, Silverchair

A new report from Silverchair’s sister company, Hum, gathers research, insights, & takeaways to help publishers understand how to leverage personalization to attract & engage audiences, as well as drive revenue.

As the report reveals, it’s not just the publishing industry that’s changing. In just a few months’ time, the pandemic sped the adoption of digital technologies by several years. Constant connectivity and increased capability for digital connection have also changed the way consumers behave and consume content. Today’s readers want to interact on multiple channels, access content in their preferred medium, and be served a consistent experience tailored to their individual needs and preferences.

Fortunately, publishers already have the content foundation they need to support personalization. In an increasingly cluttered digital environment, publishers can act as a trusted filter or a personal guide to cut through the noise and deliver personal recommendations to readers.

What does personalization look like for publishers?

  • Delivering highly relevant, individualized content recommendations to key segments
  • Displaying curated content recommendations for visitors based on their reading history
  • Highlighting new content offerings to help readers find fresh & new content based on unique preferences
  • Displaying highly personalized ad placements within content
  • Deploying timely, relevant marketing communications
Hum Personalization report on tabletFor more information, the research behind these insights, and checklist to get you started, download the full report.



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