Later this month, Silverchair will host the in-person return of our popular industry event, Platform Strategies, in Washington, DC. Though we welcome the increased frequency and reach that virtual events have offered us over the last few years, we heard time and again how much value past attendees derived from being together IRL. And so, though we’re happy to be continuing our virtual offerings, we’re thrilled to bring back this unique learning, sharing, and networking experience.

At the same time, there’s no ignoring that the global halt in business travel during the pandemic drastically reduced carbon emissions, highlighting the environmental impact of in-person events. This combined with our commitment to the mission of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals mean that we’re paying close attention to all the aspects of the event and how they impact our world.

Here are some key ways we’re putting those commitments into action:

  • Digital materials to reduce paper waste. The event’s agenda, maps, FAQs, and more are housed in a dedicated event app, which also gives attendees a space to network with another asynchronously. This removes the need for paper materials that will just be tossed at the end of the day.
  • Sustainable swag: Nametags for the event are made from bamboo locally harvested in North Carolina by hand from a sustainable bamboo forest and are printed with a 100% plant-based dye. We also printed the nametags with only name and organization so that they are more easily reusable after the event.
  • Walking distance only: The Eaton’s variety of offerings and central location means that we are able to keep all events within walking distance—with event spaces and guest rooms in the same building as the amazing rooftop reception at Wild Days, and just steps away from lunch at Brasserie Beck. For those looking forward to the lovely Virginia Autumn scene, they’re only a short walk from Franklin Park, the White House, the National Mall, and many more DC attractions.
  • Values-aligned venue & vendors: Hosting a large industry event costs money, and it’s important to us that the money we spend is invested with companies and individuals whose values align with our own. The Eaton Workshop venue is a shining example of these values: the building is LEED Gold certified and supports a rigorous sustainability program to reduce waste and emissions, including recycling rainwater; they use sustainably sourced construction materials and furnishings; all workers are paid a living wage; and they support numerous local, grassroots organizations working toward social justice. We’re also delighted to offer attendees a copy of keynote speaker Nita Farahany’s latest book, The Battle for Your Brain, sourced from the indie New Dominion Bookshop, located four doors down from the Silverchair offices.
  • Carbon offsetting of travel. Of course, bringing together 150 people also means travel. To help alleviate those effects, we’re offsetting travel for all attendees via COTAP, Carbon Offsets To Alleviate Poverty.

Have other ideas we could incorporate? Email with ideas. Plus, learn more about Silverchair’s Corporate Responsibility practices here.

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