Wes Royer, Director of Product, gives background on our exciting new program, what we've been working on, and what to look for in 2018.

"The Silverchair Universe is intentionally a part of the Silverchair Product Roadmap. We could sit here as a platform and say, 'We could copy that piece of functionality or we could build a tool like that,' but that's just not advantageous. For us, the scale that can be brought to our platform by going to these best-in-breed vendors and saying, 'Here's this piece of functionality, clients are looking for this, how can we get it into the platform?' It's really just an extension of what Silverchair has already created for our client base. That's important because with our platform, we're trying to solve for scalability, performance, security, and the core piece of the platform. Our platform has everything that our clients need, and many things that our clients also want—these third-party partners bring an ability for the clients to pick and choose the things that differentiate them as an overall platform."

Watch the full video to learn more, then reach out to us at universe@silverchair.com to get involved.

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