Earlier this year, we launched Silverchair Analytics, a new analytics solution that leveraged live data streams to give real-time insights to publishers. As with all Silverchair offerings, Silverchair Analytics is continuously improved and enjoys a full development plan as we respond to client input and market developments.

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Since the tool has launched, we've been engaging with clients to gather their feedback. In response to this feedback and as a reflection of our Agile practices, we are excited to announce an upgraded version of the visualization interface, which builds on the initial offering and provides clients with a more seamless user experience.

What is changing and why:

  • We are moving from a desktop version of PowerBI to a web-based interface
    • This change improves access workflows, particularly for Mac users
  • We are upgrading all users to PowerBI Premium accounts, significantly improving performance and speed
    • This upgrade improves the experience for clients with very large amounts of data, as the Premium license allows a much larger amount of data as compared to the Pro and lower users (10 GB vs 100 TB)
  • We've added hover text for data fields to allow users to hover over and see the definition
    • This adds efficiency by eliminating the extra step of referencing the standalone data dictionary when building reports
What you can expect next:

  • Week of October 11: Client Services will contact publishers individually to gather the necessary details to transfer your accounts
  • October 22: deadline to reply to Client Services
  • Early November: Client Services provides demos on the upgraded interface
  • November 12: Silverchair Analytics 1.1 launches
Client Services will walk you through the changes, which will also be reflected in the Silverchair Analytics User Guide (accessible via the link in the Tools Portal).
Thank you to all who have shared their early feedback with us as we work to continuously improve the interface to meet your needs. We’ll continue to make improvements as we receive more feedback. 

Please contact Client Services with any questions.

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