Semantic enrichment at Silverchair is led by Taxonomy Manager, Morgan James Eaton, whose library science background is complemented by his expertise in pharmaceutical market research, metadata management, and client services.

Always a trivia buff, Morgan gravitated naturally toward working in libraries in part to satisfy his thirst for knowledge, but he also found that "new book smell" hard to resist. Receiving his MLIS degree from McGill University, he has integrated library catalogs into bespoke databases for a discovery service and supported content integration for major biomedical publishers. Specializing in cataloging and the organization of research information for the last 15 years has equipped him well for the task of maintaining Silverchair’s living taxonomies.

Morgan heads up Semedica® – a powerful suite of tools and services built into the Silverchair Platform and designed to enhance publisher content through semantic enrichment.

Through years of careful curation, Silverchair has constructed comprehensive taxonomies to represent all aspects of medicine and engineering. By leveraging Silverchair’s extensive experience in the practical application of semantic XML, Semedica’s autotagger parses the ingested metadata and matches keywords to preferred or equivalent terms in the taxonomies.

Silverchair’s AI-driven autotagging process has long harnessed the power of machine learning by using an algorithm to create context-based connections and group similar concepts to facilitate discovery. Semedica also has a profound impact on personalized content delivery, content repurposing, and workflow integration through unified semantic indexing. Morgan adds:

"Building on Silverchair’s firm foundation of semantic enrichment services for the past year has given me a true sense of satisfaction in knowing that we are having an impact on scientific innovation. I feel that every new term added to the taxonomies empowers a researcher to capitalize on recent progress, whether it’s a newly approved drug or a sub-concept of an existing term.

I carefully vet each medical term by thoroughly analyzing established standards such as National Library of Medicine’s medical subject headings (MeSH) and UMLS (Unified Medical Language System) as well as other online sources. I am open to suggestions and am constantly on the lookout for emerging topics to represent the latest scientific discoveries and research trends. Feel free to contact me at"

The future of semantic enrichment services at Silverchair is bright as we look beyond medicine and engineering to the possibility of new taxonomies in related or new disciplines, so stay in touch as we continue to expand our offerings.

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