Open access policies, industry mergers, and data privacy policies have drastically changed the landscape for marketers in publishing and beyond. Today's marketers have had to nimbly pivot from B2B to B2C, from siloed to unified, and from highly produced to highly personalized. This session brought together industry leaders who are navigating the altered landscape from a variety of angles. Read the recap below, then explore the full recording and transcripts in our Platform Strategies 2023 Archive.

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Graphic recording of major themes captured live during the session

Speakers: Dustin Smith (President, Hum), Colleen Scollans (CMO, Clarke & Esposito), Rory Williams (Director, Communications &Marketing, Rockefeller University Press), Erin Ganley (Director of Research Marketing, Oxford University Press)

The shift from print to digital was a significant transformation in scholarly publishing. Now, the industry is moving from digital to data, with a focus on understanding the business and customers.

Scollans pointed out that today's marketing landscape requires marketers to understand their audience and derive insights from data. She highlighted the importance of author marketing in the open access era and the need for publishers to scale up their marketing teams and technology. Ganley echoed these thoughts, emphasizing the importance of having a direct path to authors and the need for marketing departments to change culturally.

Smith raised the topic of how marketing tools and strategies from the business software sector could be applied to scholarly publishing. Scollans agreed that such strategies, particularly around data and audience understanding, could be beneficial. She also highlighted the importance of messaging and branding in marketing strategies.

Williams added that relationship management within the organization is crucial, especially with the transition to open access. He highlighted the importance of having everyone in the organization contribute to the success of establishing business cases for open access.

The panel also discussed the importance of segmentation in marketing campaigns, the need for good bibliometric analysis to know who to target, and the role of technology in marketing. They highlighted that while technology has advanced significantly, it is important to have the right tools for the right organization and to measure success effectively.

Overall, the session provided valuable insights into the changing landscape of marketing in scholarly publishing, emphasizing the importance of understanding and engaging with authors, leveraging data, and adapting to new technologies and strategies.

View the recording below. To read the full transcript of this session and view the recordings of other sessions, visit the Platform Strategies 2023 Archive.

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