Platform Strategies attracts over 150 thought leaders and decision-makers from across our industry for a day of engaging, inspiring discussions, with ample networking built in to the day. A third of attendees are C-Suite and Executives, and another 40% are senior leaders at their organizations. Here's what they had to say about the meeting:

PS23 TAKEAWAYS: hear from attendees

"Platform Strategies was really informative and thought provoking and it was nice to see so many different types of people. The event was very well done, as usual, down to the details." —Rebecca Rinehart, Maverick Publishing Specialists

"What a fantastic and thought-provoking day! The keynote talks were some of the most engaging I’ve seen in a while, and the chance to connect with everyone was a first-rate kickoff to conference season." —Christine Orr, BioOne

"All the panels were great, the networking was excellent, and I just love how all the Silverchair people are all equally willing to help out." —Marianne Calihanna, DCL (Strategies sponsor)

"Plenty of time for networking, and powerhouse keynotes. Exceptional organization." —Platform Strategies Feedback Survey 

"This event was extremely well done in every way." —Christine Diedrich, SPE

"It was a great balance of keynote, panel discussions, brief workshops, and networking. Topics were highly relevant, and panelists were very well chosen." —Platform Strategies Feedback Survey

"As usual, Silverchair put on an interesting, thought-provoking, community event." —Colleen Scollans, Clarke & Esposito

"Really excellent Platform Strategies event—both keynotes gave very thought provoking big picture AI-related talks, excellent partner discussions, thoughtful fireside chats, breakout groups, and really excellent to catch up with so many people in person again." —Adrian Stanley, Cadmore Media

"The breakout room was a good way to purposefully connect people." —Platform Strategies Feedback Survey

"A provoking, informative, and very stimulating time at Platform Strategies. An excellent series of prescient, meaningful discussions on AI, leadership, marketing strategies, publishing integrity, and of course, platform strategies for today, tomorrow, and looking boldly forward to the years to come." —Richard di Santo, JMIR

"*Never change* the high-quality of the program. Well done, again, Silverchair! Kudos to all!" —Platform Strategies Feedback Survey

Recordings from the 2023 Platform Strategies event are now available in the archive! You can also read takeaways from our team here. Interested in sponsoring the 2024 event? Limited opportunities are available now; email to learn more. 

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