Next month, Silverchair's Platform Strategies meeting returns to Washington, DC. The agenda shines a spotlight on the Fall's biggest trends in scholarly publishing: AI, partnership models, the acceleration of data importance, syndication, research integrity, and more.

Learn more about the sessions below, then make sure to register before the September 1st deadline.

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Keynote & Panel Discussion: AI in Scholarly Publishing

  • Betsy Donohue, SVP of Business Development (moderator)
  • Chris Broekhoff, President, MEI Global
  • Stuart Leitch, Chief Technology Officer, Silverchair
  • Jessica Miles, Vice President, Strategy and Investments, Holtzbrinck Publishing Group
  • Holden Thorp, Editor in Chief, Science Journals 
Artificial intelligence and large language models have the potential to change, even disrupt, every aspect of scholarly publishing, from how infrastructure and platforms are developed to how content is discovered, used, and licensed. This panel will start with a conceptual overview of technologies and dive into actual and potential applications.


Coopetition: Partnership models for independent businesses

  • Veronica Showers, VP of Customer Success, Silverchair (moderator)
  • Allison Belan, Director for Strategic Innovation and Services, Duke University Press, and Director of the Scholarly Publishing Collective
  • Phoebe McMellon, CEO, GeoScienceWorld
  • Wendy Queen, Director, Project MUSE
Industry consolidation, infrastructure complexity, the challenges of keeping up with new and ever-changing research policies and publishing models, and technological advancements and innovations, has left smaller and mid-sized organizations looking for options. This panel discussion will showcase both established and emerging collaboratives and will engage in a conversation about the challenges faced by these constituencies, the consequences to the scholarly ecosystem if these audiences are lost, and the influence / importance of scale.


Digital to Data: Marketing strategies & technologies for the next era of publishing

  • Dustin Smith, President, Hum
  • Colleen Scollans, Practice Lead: Marketing & Customer Experience, Clarke & Esposito
  • Rory Williams, Director of Communications and Marketing, Rockefeller University Press
Open access policies, industry mergers, and data privacy policies have drastically changed the landscape for marketers in publishing and beyond. Today's marketers have had to nimbly pivot from B2B to B2C, from siloed to unified, and from highly produced to highly personalized. This session brings together industry leaders who are navigating the altered landscape from a variety of angles.


Closing Keynote Speaker: Nita Farahany

Imagine a world where employers can see into their workers’ brains. Where your thoughts can be tracked through AI. And where you can peer into your own mind to cure addictions. All of this is possible today, thanks to the merging of AI and neuroscience. Nita Farahany offers us a much-needed map to navigate this fast-changing technological landscape. How do we avoid the dangers of lost privacy and rights while taking advantage of the unprecedented opportunities? With the rapid advance of wearable neurotech and generative AI, we face important ethical questions about privacy, human rights, equity—and even what it means to be human. “We are at a pivotal moment in human history, in which control of our brains can be enhanced or lost,” Nita says. “We need to define contours of cognitive liberty now or risk being too late to do so.” But these technologies, Nita argues, are also an opportunity to transform how we learn, work, and live.


...and more!

The event with also feature topical breakout rooms, ample time for networking, and a celebratory closing reception on the rooftop of the Eaton Hotel.


Don't get stuck looking at everyone else's photos from the IN the photos. Grab your seat now.

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