While it may be the summer doldrums in Virginia right now, Silverchairians are filling these dog days of summer with tireless work to cross items off of our list for 2021 completion.

Ahead of us in PI 17, we’ll be creating a new publisher report that contains more metrics on pay-per-view purchases, as well as scoping out work to improve our presentation and capabilities for special collections created via SiteBuilder. We’re also working on final capabilities completion within Composer as its implemented for early adopters, including support for most-read widgets, open graph cards for more elegant social media sharing, and a build out of alerts to support Composer content.

We’ll be continuing work to support the publication of peer review reports following JATS4R standards, and completing work to support user affinity tracking and affinity-driven content recommendations. This affinity service will also have a reporting component so that publishers can look at their user affinities in aggregate and use that information to inform product development or content creation.

Given build projects that required Platform resources, the projects to support standalone multimedia loading into Zipline 1 and begin our Alerts enhancement project have been put on hold until next PI. More to come on those projects and other exciting platform-level initiatives soon!

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