(Charlottesville, VA and London, UK) November 7, 2017 – Silverchair Information Systems (Silverchair) and IWA Publishing announced today a new partnership to host and enrich IWA Publishing’s acclaimed water and environmental resources.

The migration will include IWA Publishing’s thirteen Impact-Factor-leading journals within the field, among them Water Science and Technology and Journal of Hydroinformatics. The IWA Publishing book program includes cutting-edge, high-quality research for academics as well as reference works and manuals of practice for professionals. IWA Publishing's extensive offerings also include Water Intelligence Online (WIO)—an online water, wastewater and environmental reference library. This online reference resource is a fully searchable, indexed archive from IWA Publishing's books and research reports.

IWA Publishing and Silverchair will collaborate on creating and launching a product-driven publishing platform that keeps pace with the rapid rate of development and scholarship in all aspects of water, wastewater, and related environmental fields.

“IWA Publishing is a dynamic organization seeking to maximize the impact of their publishing program through innovation and digital strategy,” said Thane Kerner, Silverchair CEO. “With the Silverchair Platform, IWA Publishing will be able to adapt, ideate, and expand their products across content types and subject matter, thereby unlocking the true value of the IWA Publishing content assets.”

“We are looking forward to joining Silverchair’s versatile and powerful publishing platform,” said Rod Cookson, Managing Director of IWA Publishing. “It will help us realize the full potential of our publishing program and provide the very best service to our members.”

The new site launches in the Fall of 2018.

IWA & Silverchair



About IWA Publishing

IWA Publishing spreads knowledge about our most valuable resource, water, helping to improve global health and well-being. We publish a portfolio of 15 peer reviewed journals and 800 books, along with other information resources.


About Silverchair Information Systems

Founded in 1993, Silverchair integrates and delivers scholarly and professional content from a single platform, providing distinctive online sites, unique products, and advanced semantic technologies to STM and humanities publishers, professional societies, and the federal government.


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