Connected to the launch of the Tools Portal is the release of redesigned, updated, and upgraded Silverchair Platform Tool User Guides. The project to refresh our user guides has been underway for many months and includes new internal processes for ensuring that these materials stay up to date to better serve our clients. Thanks to the tools SSO, anyone with a Silverchair Platform tool user account will be able to access the user guides in their new space.

User Guide homepage

Moving the Tool User Guides to a new space offers many benefits:

  • Access: Access is no longer limited to those with access to Confluence; anyone with a tool login may access the user guides
  • Discoverability: This important documentation is no longer lost in the (over)abundance of project materials in Confluence, making it easier to locate and search
  • Improved User Experience: the user guides now feature a cleaner, consistent design and user experience
  • Central Location: User guides are unified in a single space, making it easy to jump between them
  • Accuracy: Because access is no longer limited, users have a single source of truth instead of working from outdated PDF versions of the guides
The User Guides may be accessed via a link in the header of the Tools Portal or the Forum Hub homepage.

We welcome feedback, revisions, and suggestions at

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