The start of a new year provides a chance to reflect and to set goals, both personally and professionally. Below, Silverchair’s Chief Operating Officer offers his ruminations on the Silverchair workplace.

There are several things in my life that I have approached very intentionally. They tend to be the big things, such as building a healthy relationship with nutrition, sleep, and exercise, and creating a home environment that rejuvenates and inspires me. Another big thing I'm intentional about is where I work.

Like many of the other big forces in life, the workplace is a powerful feedback loop that has a profound impact on our rate of growth and fulfillment. It plays a strong role in the development of character, is a critical part of our identity and often a substantive part of the meaning we create in life, usually behind only religion and family.

Given this, I've spent much of my career being very conscious about where I work and how that environment impacts my rate of growth and fulfillment, both professionally and personally. A little over four years ago I chose to join Silverchair and I continue to embrace this choice.

What I appreciate most about Silverchair:

  • Our culture is built on a growth mindset
  • The challenges and people are far more energizing than draining
  • We hold each other to account
  • Feedback is forthcoming, particularly when you seek it
  • Opportunities to practice for the next level of job are available for those who want it
  • Our business has an abundance of structural and accidental complexity that leaves plenty of unowned problems for practicing agency
  • Our business is a meaningful contribution to society through improving the effective dissemination of scholarly information
  • We are actively evolving our leadership climate and have an ongoing inquiry into who we need to be as leaders to stimulate the next generation to unlock their potential
We are all Silverchair and I acknowledge all of my colleagues for the role they play in creating Silverchair as such a company.

One of my leadership commitments is to further Silverchair as an environment that inspires, catalyzes, and supports us being our best selves. I choose to work at Silverchair because these qualities are present, and as the operations leader, I choose to exercise my agency and to leverage my position to maximize Silverchair as a place great people come to be amazing.


To learn more about Silverchair and to explore current openings, please visit our Careers page.

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