(McLean, VA and Charlottesville, VA) June 12, 2018 - GeoScienceWorld (GSW) is pleased to welcome two new Society Services clients — the American Association of Petroleum Geologists (AAPG) and the Mineralogical Association of Canada (MAC) — and to announce the addition of two new archives from AAPG and The Mineralogical Society of America (MSA) on the Silverchair Platform, host to GSW’s domain-leading collection of earth science research.

Starting this June, MAC will serve its Canadian Mineralogist customers via a version of record site on geoscienceworld.org. Later in the month, MSA will add nearly 3,000 articles to its archival content from American Mineralogist, dating back to 1916.

Also in 2018, AAPG will provide AAPG Bulletin member access through the GSW site and will deepen their archive to include years 1917–1999, an addition of approximately 5,500 articles.

“We are excited to welcome more prestigious clients to GSW's Society Services program and to further increase the high-quality research content we deliver to individuals and institutions in 45 countries worldwide,” said Alix Vance, CEO of GeoScienceWorld. “Unifying research content on the Silverchair Platform provides greater user convenience and discoverability and superior functionality for journals, books, and data across a broad swath of the sciences we cover. We are pleased to expand the scope of services we provide to these trusted partners in conjunction with our Silverchair relationship.”

“GSW's innovative program continues to benefit their partner societies by leveraging GSW’s infrastructure and tools, enabling their clients to achieve meaningful operating economies while providing distinctive value for their members, authors, and readers,” said Thane Kerner, Silverchair CEO. "This new content will add to GSW's robust offerings on the Silverchair Platform, and we look forward to supporting them in advancing the delivery of these online publications.”


About American Association of Petroleum Geologists
Since its founding in 1917, the American Association of Petroleum Geologists has been a pillar of the worldwide scientific community. The original purpose of AAPG, to foster scientific research, to advance the science of geology, to promote technology, and to inspire high professional conduct, still guides the Association today. With offices located in London, Dubai, Singapore, Bogotá, Lagos, and headquartered in Tulsa, OK, AAPG provides publications, conferences, and educational opportunities to geoscientists and disseminates the most current geological information available to the general public.  www.aapg.org

About Mineralogical Association of Canada
The Mineralogical Association of Canada (MAC) was formed in 1955 as a non-profit scientific organization to promote and advance the knowledge of mineralogy and the allied disciplines of crystallography, petrology, geochemistry and mineral deposits. Mineralogy is the science that deals with minerals, their structure and chemistry, the processes and environment of their formation. Through its annual meetings, short courses, publications and sponsored symposia, the Association provides a forum for the presentation and dissemination of current knowledge and advances to world-wide community of earth scientists. Ever since its inception, MAC has given special attention to mineral deposits geology, particularly in organizing symposia, short courses and publishing special volumes and short-course notes on the subject.  www.mineralogicalassociation.ca

About The Mineralogical Society of America
MSA was founded in 1919 for the advancement of mineralogy, crystallography, geochemistry, petrology, and promotion of their uses in other sciences, industry, and the arts. It encourages fundamental research about natural materials; supports the teaching of mineralogical concepts and procedures; and attempts to raise the scientific literacy of society members with respect to issues involving mineralogy in the widest sense. The Society encourages the preservation of mineral collections, displays, mineral localities, type minerals, and scientific data. To accomplish its goals, the Society publishes journals, magazines, and books, as well as uses short courses, lectureships, Internet website, awards, grants, symposia, and meetings for professionals, students, and the public. www.minsocam.org

About Silverchair
Silverchair integrates and delivers scholarly and professional content from a single omni-format hosting platform – journals, books, video, custom formats, and more. The Silverchair Platform provides distinctive online sites, unique products, and advanced technologies to STM and humanities publishers, professional societies, and the federal government, propelling their content to greater reach and impact. www.silverchair.com

About GeoScienceWorld
GeoScienceWorld (GSW) is a nonprofit collaborative and comprehensive Internet resource for research and communications in the earth sciences, which is built on a core database of peer-reviewed journals and is integrated with the GeoRef index. The organization gives global researchers a single point of access to 46 full-text scholarly journals and over 2,000 eBooks in addition to specialized searching capabilities and links to millions of relevant resources hosted elsewhere on the Web. Through the recently launched Society Services Program, GSW also serves as a platform for cost-effective hosting for independent society sites, providing a scalable and efficient global presence for societies, authors, and members. www.geoscienceworld.org


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