Silverchair Insights: Employee Appreciation

March 3rd was Employee Appreciation Day, and though we appreciate our fellow Silverchairians EVERY day, that day brought with it some particularly kind words from the Silverchair Executive Team on the importance of our people and the work that we do. And because “one kind word can warm three months of winter”, we’re sharing ours, in hopes of promoting the early spring weather.


THANE KERNER, President and Chief Executive Officer

“Individual commitment to a group effort - that is what makes a team work, a company work, a society work, a civilization work.” —Vince Lombardi

We at Silverchair (which, mathematically expressed, is 99.16% YOU at Silverchair) produce a service of formidable complexity, in order that the scientists, builders, and healers of the world may achieve more goodness for their fellow humans. Your commitment to this work is worthy of great respect, and you have mine.

It is not, and cannot be, serene and straightforward work. You’ve not chosen the well-marked, unambiguous roadway. You wrestle endlessly with the edges of possibility, and you do it with curiosity and commitment. You embrace the Emersonian adage that “Unless you try to do something beyond what you have already mastered, you will never grow.”

You could have chosen otherwise, but you chose this work, and this team, and I admire and appreciate you for making that choice. We’re doing ambitious and demanding things together. Thank you for being part of it.


SUSAN DAWSON, Chief People Officer

I’m inspired every day by you. Whether it’s, creating something new and different to wow our clients, tackling a gnarly problem that you think is going to get you and you persevere, pushing the extra mile(s) to ensure the work gets done, or learning something new that upgrades all of us. What you do is amazing. (Susan)


JAKE ZARNEGAR, Chief Product Officer

Before we can appreciate each other, we must appreciate this:  What we do at Silverchair is HARD.

We bring together various scholarly and professional publishers – each with their own content types and formats, organizational hierarchies, communication techniques, business objectives, 3rd party software providers and partners, etc. and we deliver that information on the Silverchair platform.  All of our work aids in the effective and sustainable communication of the ever-growing knowledge of the human race.

To put it another way, we fight against the entropy direction of the entire universe (the second law of thermodynamics).

But, somehow we made it happen!  Not without difficulty and not without struggle, but we DO it, and we do it together.  There is no better group of people that I’d want to fight entropy with than all of you at Silverchair.


DOUG MORRISON, Chief Delivery Officer

In the last year, we matured our organization significantly which required process and role changes. Thank you for leading with our core values when encountering these changes.


BOBBY JENKINS, Chief Financial Officer

As I reflect on the last few years at Silverchair, it’s impressive how different people and teams have done what was necessary to meet a customer or Silverchair need.  Yes, these efforts included working long hours.  But they also included being flexible with changes in roles and team assignments, supporting those who were most under pressure, remaining calm and optimistic in the midst of battle, and much more.


STUART LEITCH, Chief Technology Officer

We represent a critical link in the distillation and dissemination chain for scholarly knowledge, of which modern society is built upon. The rate at which knowledge in scholarly fields is collectively refined and accumulated is heavily impacted by the efficiency and effectiveness of how end users interact with the literature. Our metaphorical blood, toil, tears and sweat are in service to something larger than us and are of meaningful contribution. I'm proud to be working so hard with you all on something that at the end of the day, matters.


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