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Since marketing content is continuously generated, the chances of content overlap are quite common. In addition to facing the challenge of creating original material, content creators also face the threat of content scrapers, which further intensifies the problem of copied content.

Content scrapers deliberately steal content from competitive and successful websites. This practice often affects the original website, since search engines identify duplicate content, they display only one result. 

Plagiarized content can affect SEO rank

This means that the original content-producing website can be removed from search results, while the website built with scraped content can be featured on the search results page. Scanning routinely for similar content helps to prevent such problems from affecting a website's ranking.

Manually scanning for finding scraped content, however, is unsustainable and unscalable. And content thieves are often efficient at hiding their practices. But with a suitable tool, it becomes possible to find duplicate content quickly.

Online tools can aid the process of checking sites for plagiarism and identifying overlap in competitive marketing, helping to ensure differentiation. Publishers can use a duplicate content checker to find similar language in promotional campaigns conducted by other competitive sites or locate instances of outright plagiarism.

The value of original content in online marketing practices

There are many channels used to implement content marketing strategies in unique ways. Content marketing strategies are often designed for garnering popularity through social media, which has become a popular promotional channel. When publishing content, whether on social media or elsewhere, it is always essential to scan the content with a duplicate content checker to ensure content originality.

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And, as mentioned before, content scraping can have serious consequences. Websites with copied content can be permanently removed from result pages on search engines. Websites with original content, on the other hand, attract their target market by being visible on Google and other search engines. By offering the audience new and useful information, a site’s search rank increases. This is why creating and protecting unique content is pivotal for digital marketing.

How to select a tool for checking duplicate content?

As businesses promote and conduct their business online, building content marketing strategies complete with high-quality content, their ability to reach  their desired audience is compromised if others copy the content. It also dwindles the website’s organic clicks because duplicate websites steal the traffic of the original site.

There are numerous tools that aid content marketers and simplify tedious, mundane tasks. Several of these online tools include design templates and duplicate checkers, both of which help in checking the content’s authenticity. With the assistance of this software, the nearly impossible task of locating identical content is removed entirely.

Why is Copyleaks gaining popularity in recent days?

The issue of plagiarism is becoming more apparent as organizations battle for audience attention and search engine rankings. Plagiarism can be intentional or accidental. However, despite one’s intentions, the negative effects remain. Looking for a tool that performs checks both automatically and comprehensively will simplify your processes while also protecting your content.

Copyleaks provides the best software services and user experience for individuals and organizations looking for duplicate content checking solutions. With their advanced A.I. and machine learning technology, identical content can be found within seconds. Copyleaks automatically monitors websites and alerts the user on changes in website performance resulting from copied content.

To learn more about how to protect your valuable content, your site visibility, and your search rank, contact Copyleaks

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