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Last December, we announced the development of Silverchair Analytics, our new cloud-based analytics solution and data visualization tool. Now, we’d like to give you additional insight into this new offering, how you can use it, and when you can expect to get started.

First, all Silverchair clients will benefit from the new functionality and insights provided by Silverchair Analytics as part of your existing relationship with Silverchair, at no additional cost to you.

The Silverchair Analytics offering comprises Silvermine (our legacy analytics tool), the cloud-based data warehouse, and a free visualization interface via Microsoft's Power BI. The new tool includes upgraded data handling and storage to ensure clean, consolidated data to provide you with the most accurate and up-to-date analytics. With Silverchair Analytics, our clients will have access to new and improved ad-hoc reporting capabilities and real-time raw data via an Azure data warehouse. This data warehouse can plug into any data visualization tool client that publishers may already be using (i.e., Tableau). Otherwise, Silverchair will furnish each publisher with a complementary Microsoft Power BI instance in which to see data and reports and to easily generate new custom reports. Microsoft Power BI provides a user-friendly interface to create immersive and dynamic reports to answer important and targeted publisher questions around usage that might not be answered by the monthly publisher reports.

What is NOT changing:

  • COUNTER reports via SiteManager
  • regular publisher reports being sent to SiteManager
  • standard reports (e.g. COUNTER reports, publisher reports) will continue to be updated monthly
What is changing:
  • We have consolidated stats logging activities and created more discipline and process around stats logging for improved accuracy.
  • All platform usage information has been migrated to the Azure cloud. This creates a more stable, secure, and future-forward tracking environment.
  • Ad hoc reporting will be processed via user-friendly data model software. Customers wishing to use Microsoft Power BI for ad hoc reporting and data visualizations will be provided a license courtesy of Silverchair. And, for clients utilizing another data visualization tool, Client Services will assist with access to the new data warehouse.
  • Our current data warehouse (Silvermine) will be maintained for historic reports, but report customizations and ad hoc reporting capabilities will not be available through Silvermine. (Note: we will only be holding onto historical data in accordance with the terms of our customers’ data retention policies. These policies are being updated or established with our customers to confirm that we aren’t holding onto vast amounts of out-of-date data.)
  • The data stored in the data warehouse will be updated nightly.

The work that’s been underway since early 2020 has been almost entirely behind the scenes. This includes the migration of all client usage data to the Azure cloud and an audit of our stats logging processes so that we could ensure that any future changes to the stats logger were more strictly monitored. Each publisher has their own data warehouse, so there will be no sharing of data between our publisher clients.

For publishers using the Silverchair-provided Microsoft Power BI instance, Silverchair has created templates for out-of-the-box reporting to identify shared publisher needs outside of our standard publisher reports. These include:

  • Historical journal usage reporting (trends year to year/month to month)
  • Most read articles/chapters in a given time frame
  • Article publication count in a given time frame
  • Free-to-read content count in a given period of time
  • Open Access content count in a given period of time
  • Usage of open access content in a given period of time
  • Usage of open access or free content, organized by IP range of user
  • Turnaways by Title/Product, organized by IP
  • Top 10 and Top 100 reports of usage by institution
  • Usage by title, delineated by known and anonymous users
Clients will be granted access to the tool on Tuesday, July 6th. Client Services will be reaching out to you in the next couple of weeks to schedule training and to provide you with the user guide and other resources, including FAQs, how-tos, and helpful links to Microsoft’s Power BI training site.

What's Next?

As with all Silverchair products, the launch of Silverchair Analytics will only be the start of its future development and iteration. Second phase plans include incorporating more data into the data warehouse, starting with content data (i.e. keywords) and later exploring outside data sources. Further development will be informed by a 2021 Publisher Working Group focused on Analytics, but all clients can be part of the future of Sivlerchair Analytics by offering your thoughts through our Silverchair Analytics Platform Tool Enhancement Log.Areas of exploration for future development include:

  • offer of Silverchair consultative services for one-off or ongoing custom analytics needs
  • remote access usage reports (Google CASA, SeamlessAccess, GetFTR)
  • reports showing granular information on CDN-level events (blocked IP pings: number of pings, which IP)–will be dependent on increased capabilities in tracking these metrics
  • exploration into publisher report distribution more frequent than monthly
  • aggregation of outside data (I.e. usage data from other platforms)

 We look forward to hearing your feedback as you explore the tool. If you have any questions, please reach out to your Director of Product Delivery. 

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