Silverchair works with some of the most prestigious names in scholarly and professional information, spanning the worlds of professional societies and associations, university presses, commercial publishing, and government agencies. These spotlights offer a chance to get to know our growing community better. Below, Paul Gee, VP Digital Product Management and Development, offers insight into the AMA's goals and our partnership. 

What is your mission/vision?

  • As the physicians’ powerful ally in patient care, the American Medical Association acts with a unified voice to remove obstacles that interfere with patient care, drive the future of medicine to tackle the biggest challenges in health care, and lead the charge to prevent chronic disease and confront public health crises.
  • JAMA Network brings JAMA together with JAMA Network Open and an array of specialty journals to offer enhanced access to the educational content, scientific research and opinion shaping the future of medicine.
  • Designed to support lifelong learning, licensure and certification needs, AMA Ed Hub provides high-quality education for physicians and other medical professionals to improve patient care.
  • The Publishing Product Team is responsible for understanding the user’s needs and optimizing their digital experience and engagement with the AMA’s products and services.

What are your 2020 goals?

In 2020, the Publishing Product Team’s core goals are to (a) continue to grow digital traffic and engagement with publishing products through innovative web interactions; (b) support and drive dissemination of important COVID-19 clinical resources; and (c) drive awareness of health inequities within society and the healthcare systems and advance health equity work within the AMA publishing framework.

Why did you select Silverchair as your platform?

We require a platform partner be able to provide near-perfect continuity of service, dedicated attention to our business needs and shared belief in the quality and integrity of the JAMA Network publishing program. The partner must run a seamless operational support framework, while also giving us the strategic flexibility to extend our website functionality and innovate beyond the bounds of traditional scholarly publishing. We want to excel both in terms of operation and innovation. Silverchair is the only partner we reviewed that had the operational capabilities, mutual interest, and unfettered support for the culture of innovation and excellence at the AMA and JAMA Network.

Fun fact about your company / team / product.

We hate photos.


To read more about how the JAMA team used Silverchair tool to respond to the COVID crisis, read our recent report.

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