PSI, a partner in the Silverchair Universe program, recently partnered with the JAMA Network to leverage PSI Metrics in identifying OA usage of their esteemed content.

PSI Metrics uses the highly authoritative and fully auditable data within to reveal the true value of publisher data, enhancing it with insightful and actionable information. This information helps publishers to understand the complexity of the data as well as enhancing the data with additional identifiers that support wider interoperability.

The JAMA Network asked PSI to help them identify organisations that had been reading their OA content since the start of the publishing program. They also sought to identify the organisations that had been denied access to content behind their paywall.

PSI ingested the JAMA Network’s historic log file data, which included the IP addresses used to access OA content, and the IP addresses used when unsuccessfully attempting to access paid content.

graphic showing the flow of data within PSI

By matching this data with the IP addresses contained within, PSI was able to identify 3x the number of unique organisations accessing JAMA Network content than the number of current customers. This is great news for JAMA Network authors as it demonstrates a 60% wider global reach of research.

PSI provided breakdowns by both organisation category and country. Also reporting ROR IDs and consortia membership data to assist with tracking usage on OA and read & publish deals. PSI is the only data source that can match IP addresses with readership while offering a PID solution and enhancing data with consortia connections.

Putting Publishers in Control

The power of the combined data will put publishers in control of their publishing models allowing them to be proactive and develop new business models to ensure the sustainability of their OA publishing programs, while also allowing them to accurately identify new sales leads for paid content by identifying denials and turnaways.


About PSI Metrics

PSI data helps publishers to develop a deeper understanding of organisational readership. The data available through enables publishers to accurately attribute usage to institutions. Find out more at:

None of the IP data PSI receives is linked to any data that can identify an individual; the service therefore protects privacy and is completely GDPR compliant.

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