(Charlottesville, VA) January 19, 2021 – Silverchair announced today the launch of AMA Guides to the Evaluation of Permanent Impairment® on the Silverchair Platform, an expansion of their collaboration with the American Medical Association (AMA).

AMA has collaborated with Silverchair since 2012, working closely with AMA teams on product development and strategy. Now, Silverchair has also digitized the AMA Guides and its related newsletter, helping the AMA to modernize and transform the impairment assessment process to consistently provide the most current medicine and science.

The AMA Guides provide a reference framework within which physicians can evaluate and report on permanent medical impairments and others can understand and make appropriate use of the medical information they receive in evaluation reports. Through Silverchair’s robust suite of end-user features and administrative tools, the Guides and newsletter now offer a modern web-delivery experience for AMA’s readers, editors, authors, and management staff.

“We are thrilled to expand our collaboration with AMA in jointly innovating, designing, and creating new value for medical professionals,” said Thane Kerner, Silverchair CEO. “Silverchair’s experience meeting AMA’s rigorous technical and operational requirements as well as a proven track record of successful collaboration in ongoing software integration, deployment, and support laid a strong foundation for delivering even more of the increasingly critical work done by AMA.”




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Stephanie Lovegrove Hansen
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