The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) announced the launch of two new digital products on the Silverchair Platform: First 1,000 Days Knowledge Center and NeoKit: Tools for Assessment and Care of the Newborn.

These two products were built in Silverchair’s Composer tool, leveraging a new Module template that delivers the ability to easily build bundles of content within a site.

First 1,000 Days Knowledge Center serves up curated on-demand learning modules that present key AAP policies, guidelines, and best practices—collected from top AAP journals, books, and point-of-care resources—along with guided learning from medical experts. The Module template allows AAP to display content from any part of the AAP Publications site without cumbersome setups for access control; the module provides all of the access control needed with just a single entry in Silverchair’s ProductBuilder tool. The site also contains interactive quizzes, videos, and other multimedia. AAP resident members get free access to the site, thanks to an educational grant from Reckitt Mead Johnson Nutrition.

“After moving all our digital publishing offerings to a unified platform on Silverchair, we were looking for innovative ways to leverage the connections between our content,” said Mark Grimes, Vice President, Publishing, at AAP. “Silverchair was a great partner in building out the concept. This new site and the module tool help make it easier for our members to find and access important AAP content on particular topics.”

NeoKit leverages the template in a different way, offering newly created content by pediatrician experts that helps with assessment and care of newborns through the use of reference materials, interactive clinical decision support tools (algorithms), and parent handouts. This site also leverages the Module template to stream in content created in Composer and serve it seamlessly through each Module.

Hannah Heckner, VP of Product at Silverchair, added, “As we were developing the Composer tool in consultation with our clients, these AAP sites are exactly the type of thing we hoped to see publishers empowered to create—items that might fall outside of the standard structures of books or journals, but that are vital to the content corpus and brand strength of our publisher partners. These types of offerings display the creativity at these organizations and the wide range of their expertise. AAP has been an ideal partner in experimenting with a variety of use cases and suggesting future functionality and we look forward to seeing what they—and other Composer users—think up next.”

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