Silverchair's free spring webinar series has grown over the last four years to reach hundreds of attendees interested in exploring the technologies and strategies that support professional and scholarly knowledge.

This year, inspired by the success of our new AI Lab, the series will focus on practical discussions around artificial intelligence in our industry.

Join panelists from across the industry to discuss experiments, applications, and best practices around AI in scholarly and professional publishing. In each event, presenters will offer high-level overviews, case studies, and actionable takeaways for implementing AI and innovation more generally into your organization.

View the event descriptions below, then register for the entire free series here.

AI Lab reports webinar series

APRIL 18: AI A to Z: A Primer on AI Applications in Scholarly Publishing

Craig Griffin (Silverchair - moderator), Chhavi Chauhan (Director of Scientific Outreach, ASIP), Rich Dominelli (Systems Architect, DCL), Jeremy Little (Senior Developer, AI Transformation, Silverchair), Phoebe McMellon (CEO, GeoScienceWorld)

As if there weren't already myriad acronyms in our industry to keep up with (S2O, OSTP, PID, DOI), AI has now thrown in a slew more (LLM, NLP, BERT, RAG). In this webinar, we'll review the primary flavors of AI offerings, with examples of how they are being (or could be) applied to our industry.

MAY 14: Cultivating Creativity: Tips for Fostering a Culture of Innovation & Adaptability

Ann Michael (Chief Transformation Officer, AIP Publishing), Barbara Kline Pope (Executive Director, Johns Hopkins University Press), Lily Garcia Walton (Chief People Officer, Silverchair)

AI applications have introduced new ways for individuals and companies alike to innovate on both micro and macro scales. How can leaders encourage an innovation mindset and structure activities to facilitate individuals, teams, and organizations to succeed in our fast-moving industry? What kinds of cultures or structures inherently squash true innovation? Learn practical tips for both leaders and team members from those working to embed innovation in the everyday operations of their organizations.

JUNE 27: Answers to the AI Questions You Don't Want to Ask

Moderated by Lori Carlin (Chief Commercial Officer & Senior Consultant, DeltaThink) & Betsy Donohue (SVP, Business Development, Silverchair), Speakers TBA

AI as a tool and as a topic has become ubiquitous since November 2022, but with the deluge of information, it can hard to know where to get started for those just now ready to get their hands dirty. In this session, we'll cover some basics and best practices around how to:

  • Get started
  • Prompt engineer
  • Leverage AI to engage technical topics (e.g. metadata, XML, or code)
  • Stay compliant (e.g. creating/ adhering to policies, or legal & privacy implications)
  • Stay informed of new developments
Plus, bring your own questions, or send them in advance to be asked anonymously!


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