What are the benefits of a unified content delivery platform (as opposed to multiple platforms that purport to specialize in specific product experiences and use cases)? In this session we will review the operational efficiencies and opportunities for product creation, marketing, user management, engagement, and discovery that a unified product delivery platform can enable.

Scott Henry  •  ASM International

Scott Henry (Senior Content Engineer) leads the development and implementation of content models, metadata specifications, data schema, taxonomies, and other content management elements needed to support robust content acquisitions and delivery systems and superior user experiences for online information resources related to metallurgy and materials engineering. The position bridges the gap between content editorial work and information technology. Scott has almost 30 years of experience in editorial content development, database development, and business planning.

Jasper Simons  • American Psychological Association

Simons is the Chief Publishing Officer of the American Psychological Association (APA), the leading scholarly association in the social and behavioral sciences. APA’s premier publishing program serves the dissemination of psychological knowledge worldwide, and spans books, journals and digital platforms such as PsycINFO. Simons has 20 years of experience in STM publishing, working at leading publishing organizations such as Elsevier, SAGE Publications and Thomson Reuters prior to joining the APA. He served on the Crossref board from 2015 through 2017 and is running for reelection in 2019.

Jake Zarnegar  •   Silverchair

As Chief Product Officer, Jake leads the development of The Silverchair Platform. After joining Silverchair as an intern in 1996 while still in college, Jake gained hands-on experience with structured content workflows, software development, and semantic enrichment technologies. He has subsequently served in a variety of senior leadership roles at Silverchair, including Chief Technology Officer and President.

Questions about Platform Strategies?

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