You work hard to produce a successful hybrid or virtual meeting—then what? What happens to all those assets (recordings, posters, transcripts)? Maybe they get thrown up in an archive and you hope people can find the site. What if instead that content was fully searchable and able to be bundled alongside your existing book and journal content?

Meet Silverchair Meetings

The platform designed to give your meetings artifacts the same first-class treatment as your other valuable content assets.

By building off the strengths and robust features of the Silverchair Platform, Silverchair Meetings transforms the ways associations, societies, and publishers can enrich, organize, distribute, and monetize scholarly and professional conference content. Silverchair Meetings allows you to maximize your technology investment, leveraging your existing audience and content, increasing content discoverability and engagement, and amplifying your brand.

Hannah Heckner
Our goal is to serve our publishers through as much of the research content lifecycle as possible—delivering and optimizing discovery for the valuable outputs of academics meetings is a natural extension of the platform's capabilities.

—Hannah Heckner, VP, Product

The Silverchair Meetings Platform:

  • Makes audio and video files, presentation slides, posters, proceedings, transcripts, handouts, meeting programs, and all associated metadata, first-class content objects
  • Allows publishers to organize, enrich, productize, sell, distribute, and analyze meeting content, including linking it to other research content, such as journal articles, book chapters, learning objects, or reference material
  • Provides robust access control and commerce capabilities
  • Allows organizers to create content alerts, promotional emails, and list-captures
  • Has analytics, allowing publishers to investigate their content, its usage, and trends
  • Integrates with leading digital meeting facilitation platforms such as Cadmore, Bizabo, Pathable, or Zoom Meetings, making it easy for publishers to load meeting content
  • Provides multi-level branding and ways to organize meeting content
  • Allows publishers to curate or use machine learning to build topical collections
  • Gives users compelling ways to discover, engage with, and share meeting content
Silverchair Meetings mockup
conference session with hands raised

Academic and scientific meetings have long been a significant mission and revenue generating activity. Covid disrupted the traditional, in-person conference, driving associations and societies to transform their events into hybrid or online-only meetings. These hybrid and online-only meetings came with many benefits, including greater content capture, improved accessibility, diversity, equity, and inclusion, and highlighting the important early-stage research most frequently shared at conferences.

For these reasons, many industry stakeholders expect hybrid meetings to be a permanent feature of the scholarly landscape. The value of the conference content at these meetings is being increasingly recognized by organizations; however, early conference and meeting platforms lack the robust content management, hosting, product, and commerce features necessary for associations and publishers to build new, resilient, and sustainable engaging and revenue generating products. That’s where we come in.

Silverchair Meetings gives you a proven solution to organize, distribute, and monetize scholarly and professional meeting content.

Ready to learn more?

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