Success in the complex, rapidly-evolving industry of scholarly and professional publishing requires not just the best scaled technology, but the best team deploying and operating that technology.

Our team

Acquire a Team, Not Just a Technology Platform

When clients choose Silverchair, they choose us for our experienced and capable team as much as our technology and platform products. After all, the team plays the key role of working directly with publisher staff to understand your requirements and vision and translate them into an optimal product on the Silverchair Platform. Silverchair and our publishers work in tandem in shaping implementations, engaging in creative dialogue around the strategies that will best help each publisher to achieve their unique goals.

Our team is the best in the business.

Joining Silverchair, you will work with:


Product & Strategy Team

Executives and product leadership that have been designing and building successful scholarly and professional publishing products on our platform for 20 years.


User Experience Team

Deeply engaged interface designers who engage in research and feedback to constantly adapt to customer needs and behaviors.


Content Team

A core team at Silverchair that has been working with BITS and JATS XML since its inception and have performed more than 20 content set migrations from prior platforms.


Operations Team

Experienced strategic account manager and highly responsive operations support.


Your “Peer” Team

By choosing Silverchair, join a large and diverse peer group of prestigious independent society publishers, commercial publishers, major university presses, and the U.S. government.

PDMs meet with clients to discuss their needs

Client Services


Silverchair takes pride in our ability to collaborate with our clients in a transparent manner.  This has been the key to our success in not only bringing new products to market, but also to building relationships for continuous product development over time.

This is why during builds and enhancements each client is assigned a Product Delivery Manager (PDM) as the consistent point of contact and the advocate for their project within the Silverchair team . The Product Delivery Manager works closely with the client team to identify, understand, and develop solutions, estimate costs, and set schedules. Each Silverchair Agile build team includes a PDM, Product Owner, Business Analyst, Tech Lead, and Scrum Master, along with a number of developers.

Silverchair also has an excellent in-house Client Services (Tier 2 Support) team that answers queries and resolves issues submitted by our clients. The Client Services team operates from 8:00am-6:00pm EST and are on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week in case of emergency.

Our teams and processes have been developed to allow us to fully engage with you, making sure goals are in alignment and successfully delivering enhancements that further your business.

Want to meet our team?

Contact us to get together at an upcoming conference or to schedule an introduction.

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