We strive to be the most creative, dynamic, effective, and sought-after product development partner to the scholarly and professional knowledge community worldwide.

Our Clients

Silverchair works with some of the most accomplished names in scholarly and professional information, spanning the worlds of commercial publishing, professional societies and associations, governmental agencies, and academic medical centers.

What Silverchair Clients are Saying:

You're honest and straight-shooters, and we value that. You committed and made the adjustments necessary to deliver our migration. The people working on our project convey enthusiasm and commitment.
We are very impressed with the stability of what is introduced to the platform, and that's huge.
As a new Silverchair client, we've experienced notable improvements in development team responses. Deliveries have been received with fewer errors and site regressions. Silverchair's QA process prior to sprint releases is superior. Overall, Silverchair compares favorably to other vendors with whom we have worked.

Our History

Our products and services have evolved in concert with the needs of our clients and the markets they serve.

Silverchair is founded as a packager for medical textbooks, operating out of Founder & CEO Thane Kerner’s apartment in Charlottesville, Virginia.

Our first digital offering: Neurology in Clinical Practice (produced by Butterworth Heinemann). The benefits of this new format included the addition of hyperlinks and an updating program for authors.

Developed semantic tools & processes to streamline the indexing process for complex scientific and medical information.

Launched The Silverchair Platform, bringing together semantic technology with native support for the full array of content types, formats, business models, and customer categories.

The Silverchair Platform continues to be iteratively developed and market-tested, integrating and delivering scholarly and professional content from a single platform – journals, books, video, custom formats, and more.

Headquartered in Charlottesville, VA, Silverchair is changing the way scientists, doctors, and researchers discover and use expert information by delivering distinctive online sites and products from our clients’ unique content.

Executive Team

  • Thane Kerner

    Thane Kerner

    President and
    Chief Executive Officer
  • Jake Zarnegar

    Jake Zarnegar

    Chief Product Officer
  • Stuart Leitch

    Stuart Leitch

    Chief Technology Officer
  • Bobby Jenkins

    Bobby Jenkins

    Chief Financial Officer
  • Susan Dawson

    Susan Dawson

    Chief People Officer
  • Doug Morrison

    Doug Morrison

    Chief Delivery Officer
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