Silverchair Client Contacts

Customer Success

  • Account manager; Owns and is the center of the client relationship
  • Escalation point
  • Sets and meets revenue targets through proactive and strategic engagement with clients
  • Responsible for identifying and contracting new projects
  • Partners with Product Owners to SWAG/Assess projects

Get in touch for:

All things Silverchair and the partnership, such as:

  • Recent feature releases
  • New project requests
  • Escalations
  • Contract terms
  • High-level project scheduling

Product Owner

  • Owns the work flowing through a delivery team
  • Owns managing client interactions related to active work
  • Drives team to meet budgets, retained burns, and delivery timelines for specific projects
  • Facilitates SWAG and Assessment projects in partnership with CSX
  • Responsible for backlog prioritization (1-2PIs), being voice of customer and business to the delivery team, and quality of delivered work

Get in touch for:

  • Questions about scope, risks, assumptions, and dependencies associate with feature implementation
  • Questions about feature delivery (assessments, implementation timeline and sequencing, etc.)

Business Analyst

Elicits, gathers, and defines requirements in order to deliver products that meet stakeholder needs; translate client requirements to the developers and the SQAs to ensure we build the right thing and can test the quality of the work before it goes out the door.

Get in touch for:

  • Requirements discussions
  • For other queries, please start with the Product Owner

Client Services

Silverchair provides Tier 1 and 2 Support to answer queries and resolve issues submitted by our clients. The Client Services team operates from 8:00-6:00 EST and has an active on-call rotation 24 hours a day, 7 days a week in case of emergency. Post-launch, Silverchair’s Client Services team is poised to assist by answering questions, providing training, and investigating any issues.

Get in touch for:

  • Questions about existing site functionality
  • Assistance with Silverchair platform tools
  • Reporting defects with site functionality


The Product team is responsible for the development of the core Silverchair Platform and ongoing new product development, ensuring that Silverchair remains competitive and differentiated. This team develops and owns the Product Development Plan along with its accompanying Platform Development Request (PDR) process and is deeply involved in the industry to stay abreast of new trends, initiatives, approaches, and technologies.

Get in touch for:

  • Questions about the development plan
  • Platform Development Requests (PDR)
  • Future platform investments
  • Industry initiatives
  • New Products


The Marketing team promotes both our products and our overall brand through communication with clients and the greater market. This entails press releases, social media, conference presence, newsletters, our website, and overall messaging. The team also works closely with Customer Success to foster our client community through engaging content, community events, and other engagement opportunities.

Get in touch for:

  • Forum Hub content & Ask the Community suggestions
  • Forum events, recordings, & topic ideas
  • Questions about Platform Strategies
  • Silverchair communications (release notes, email newsletter, social content, website, etc)
  • Silverchair Community Advocates group
  • Conference / event opportunities

Other Silverchair Team Roles


Scrum Master

Responsible for ensuring the development team is working efficiently and effectively by synchronizing activities and removing obstacles in the way of successful delivery

Technical Lead

Responsible for ensuring that coding standards are met and that developers receive continuous feedback on the quality of their code

Software Quality Assurance Engineer

Identifies, evaluates, tests, and documents issues; manage quality assurance during every step of the development process

Software Developers

Maintains and modifies programs; designs, builds, and implements new web pages and sites; and uses a variety of web development languages and technologies


The Architecture team defines the impact of changes to the business environment on the technical architecture, defines and creates new scope within the architecture, and supports development teams through the design and implementation phases.

Program Director

  • Owns operational success of delivery teams for a program of clients.
  • Sets and meets margin targets through resourcing, process development, and coaching of Product Owners and Business Analysts
  • Responsible for capacity planning and staffing to meet high level 3+month roadmaps from Account Manager
  • Manages Product Owners and Business Analysts


Silverchair’s Sales team works directly with publishers to explore new partnerships and find the best alignment of Silverchair’s complementary suite of technologies and services with each publisher’s digital product strategy. The team identifies prospects, pursues leads, writes proposals and helps craft solutions for prospect needs.


Silverchair’s User Experience (UX) Department is comprised of User Experience Designers and Front End Developers. These team members focus on all aspects of the product, from user-interactions to the underlying front-end architecture. User Experience Designers are accountable for information architecture, experience and interaction design, visual design, and play a significant role in product and content strategy. Front End Developers are directly responsible for all aspects of front-end development including HTML, CSS, Javascript, XSLT, front-end performance engineering, and cross-browser and device testing.


PeopleOps is responsible for attracting, retaining, supporting, and developing top talent throughout the organization. They are responsible for recruiting, onboarding, benefits, and overall employee health.

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