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2022 Silverchair Forum @Home

MAY: Building Connections: Cross-Platform Hosting & Promotion

May 5, 11am ET

Though the industry is recognizing the benefits of unifying content on a single platform, historical arrangements, external partnerships, syndication, and other factors mean that most publishers have some form of content on different platforms. This creates a number of hurdles for publishers to consider, including access, discoverability, workflows, and reporting. At the same time, uncovering solutions to these challenges creates new opportunities for cross-publisher collaboration (including new products and promotions). Hear from a group of publishers who are actively engaged in how to make these arrangements as smooth as possible for their teams as well as for the end user, while also working on cross-platform linking and promotion of content.


  • Nicole Brown, Director, Client Success, Silverchair
  • Keith Gigliello, Deputy Director, Publications, The American Society of Hematology
  • Tanya Laplante, Senior Product Manager, Platforms, Oxford University Press
  • Rob O’Donnell, Director of Publishing Technologies at Rockefeller University Press

JUNE: Tackling GDPR & User Privacy from a Publisher Perspective

June 15, 11am ET

Emilie David, Director, Copyright, Licensing & Special Projects, Science/AAAS

GDPR and the many subsequent privacy regulations have changed the landscape of user data forever. Publishers, technology providers, and administrators have tried to wrap their minds around the many definitions and clauses to decipher how it applies to their business, including implications for cookie management, IP masking, and more.

As these issues heat up due to recent court rulings, we’ve invited a fellow publisher who has been grappling with these topics to share her insights. Members of the Silverchair team will also be on hand to speak to the ways that platform technology intersects with these needs.

Join us for an interactive and accessible discussion on how publishers should be preparing to address these requirements.

SEPTEMBER: FAQs about Accessibility: from XML to VPATs

September 1, 11am EST

Accessibility of your content and websites requires a multi-faceted approach that involves everything from your XML to UX design and beyond. As an industry, we recognize the importance of accessible content, but it can be difficult to stay up to date with shifting needs and guidelines, as well as effectively capturing user feedback and communicating to your clients regarding your approach to accessibility developments. Hear from publishers actively engaging with WCAG, VPATs, and more, plus new platform functionality that’s rolling out specifically to address these needs.

2022 Fall Forum Recordings

Opening Keynote

Thane Kerner, CEO & Will Schweitzer, President

The Silverchair Platform Development Plan & Beyond

Hannah Heckner, VP, Product & Emily Hazzard, ProductOps Analyst

Analytics Update

Micah Jones, Senior Product Owner

Silverchair Executive Team Q&A

Case study: Using First Party data for author recruitment

Dustin Smith, Hum & Rob O’Donnell, Rockefeller University Press

Case study: Silverchair Composer 

Peter Lynch & Melissa Jenco, American Academy of Pediatrics

Closing Keynote

Alan Lightman, theoretical physicist & celebrated author

Client Satisfaction Survey results

Sarah Heid, VP, Customer Success

Silverchair Forum 2021 Archive

What Will They Do Next? Big Commercial Publishers Get Bigger. Elsevier, Springer Nature, Taylor & Francis, and Wiley. Coming off two years of acquisitions, major open access moves, and interesting partnerships (e.g., Springer Nature and Research Gate), what’s next for the big commercial STM publishers? And what will their moves mean for independent society publishers and university presses?

Open for Hosting: How OA Models Impact Platform Features & Functionality. In this session, we looked at the ways that the Silverchair Platform supports OA models via built-in features, functionality, and flexibility. Speakers also discussed the vast changes in policies, drivers, and urgency that the last few years have brought to discussions around OA and how publishers are addressing them.

Analytics 101: A Primer in Making Data-Driven Decisions. You have access to an entire data warehouse containing information about activities on your site, but now what? In this session, an industry consultant joined a Silverchair data scientist and Director of Product Delivery to answer your most pressing data questions.

The Silverchair Fall Forum offered clients a deep look into our technology, our roadmap, and what we’ve accomplished in the last year. CEO Thane Kerner spoke to our philosophy as a company and what he sees as the major trends in our sphere. The event also held deep dives into topics like user data, a client case study with AAOS, and a recap of our recent DeltaThink survey.

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