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Silverchair is a growing, global organization, with publishers and team members across the world. Our transition to being a remote-first workplace further enabled us to hire the best candidates for any position–wherever they may live.

Hear from some of our global Silverchairians below, then explore current openings.

Omkar, Software Developer 3, India

“My journey with Silverchair has been an incredible experience & filled with learning, growth, & development. The diverse and inclusive culture has blurred geographical boundaries & accelerated my learnings. The parental leave policy has been a great support in balancing my personal and professional life. The one-on-one connects with my manager & the agile nature of the organization have helped me prepare for new responsibilities and opportunities that benefited my professional journey. I am grateful for the exciting career journey I have had with Silverchair and look forward to what the future holds.”


Marina, Client Services Team Lead, Serbia

“As the Client Services Team Lead at Silverchair, I am honored to collaborate with a remarkable team dedicated to providing top-notch support and fostering genuine partnerships with prestigious scholarly publishers. Together, we navigate the ever-evolving world of academic content, ensuring our clients not only embrace innovation but thrive in a collaborative ecosystem.”

Moises, Software Developer, Honduras

“To me, Silverchair is more than just a workplace – it’s a global community fueled by diversity, creativity and innovation. I’m proud to be part of an amazing team where every voice matters and innovation knows no borders.”


Marc, Helpdesk Support Analyst, United Kingdom

“The best thing about my almost 8 years of working at Silverchair are my colleagues. In all of the places I have ever worked, Silverchair people are the friendliest, most helpful and most positive. In all my time there, I have virtually never come across bad blood or negativity”

Facundo, Software Developer 2, Argentina

“As a Developer, my work drives innovation and efficiency in our projects. I try to always remember that every line of code we write contributes to the technological progress and success of our team. Let’s keep building the future together!”


Want to learn more? Explore current openings or email jobs@silverchair.com to start the conversation.

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