As we shared earlier this year, Silverchair recently added a fifth core value: “Innovate with Purpose and Adaptability.” This value recognizes the accelerated pace of change that our industry and the world at large face, and the qualities we need to cultivate as individuals and organizations to continue to thrive.

The good news is that Silverchair and its teams exemplified this value long before we formalized its inclusion in our core values. I see my colleagues and teams innovating with purpose and adaptability weekly, in varying facets of our organization. From technology improvements in our infrastructure that reduce cost, to exciting ideas that enable us to respond quickly to the market (like our AI Lab), and to ways of working improvements that respond to customer feedback or internal challenges (like implementing a new project intake form and creating a fast-track process to reduce overhead on small feature requests).

I feel strongly that core values at Silverchair are not just for how we operate in the workplace, but rather an upgraded way for us to adopt how we approach life. Innovating with purpose and adaptability is no different.

Purpose gives direction. When we innovate with clear intention, we ensure our efforts are aligned with our goals, values, and the greater good. This focus helps both individuals and teams make meaningful contributions, not just at work but in their personal passions.

Adaptability is about resilience and flexibility. The ability to pivot in response to change – whether it’s a market shift, new technology like AI, or a life event – ensures that we remain effective. Adopting this approach in life encourages a positive view on a change, something none of us can control 100%. It allows us to be open about new experiences.

Best of all, this new value aligns with our existing values beautifully, creating a strong foundation for culture and strategy. Innovation and adaptability call on honesty and courage to voice new ideas even if those ideas challenge the status quo. Innovation thrives in an environment where open communication and positive intent are the norms, encouraging colleagues to value one another to build on what’s present and consider what may feel unattainable.

By embracing this value, we foster a culture where every voice is heard, every idea is considered, and we result in creating groundbreaking solutions that reflect our collective wisdom and creativity.

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