2023 was a watershed year in many ways. Over the course of that year, AI has begun to transform every area of our lives, and the change doesn’t seem to be slowing down any time soon. Recognizing this shift, and the skills needed to be successful as individuals, as a business, and as an industry, Silverchair introduced a new entry to our Core Values:

Innovate with Purpose and Adaptability


The idea behind this fifth value is to name and amplify relevant qualities that exist in our community, that are connected to our history, and which our people embody.

From Compelling Stories to Authentic Principles

Core values matter. They represent the fundamental beliefs from which an organization and its people operate, serving as a compass that steers behaviors and decisions, large and small. By embodying their core values, companies are better able to navigate the complexities of their business with a clear sense of purpose and direction.

To be actionable and enduring, core values need to feel authentic and true. This is why we actively engaged our community in the core value creation process. First, we sent out a survey asking Silverchairians to provide real life examples of when they have observed the principles of value creation, innovation, and adaptability to change and in their work at Silverchair. It was important to our leadership team that we ground the expression of this value in who we are and how we experience one another and our work.

“Innovation” can be an intimidating term in so much as it implies inventing something new or groundbreaking. But above all, innovation is a state of mind. It is the curiosity with which we approach the unknown and our willingness to ask “what if” questions when we encounter something that doesn't meet our expectations. From the stories our team shared, it is clear our organization broadly embodies an innovative state of mind within which we are willing to challenge the status quo and fearlessly pursue change for the better.

Our team’s compelling anecdotes became the foundation for a series of potential statements, which our leadership team narrowed to five statements. With 85% of our people voting, we selected "Innovate with Purpose & Adaptability” as the best encapsulation of purpose-driven innovation and adaptability in the face of change.

This value now takes its place among our other four values:

  1. Listen and assume positive intent
  2. Speak your mind; be honest and constructive
  3. Solve problems with creativity and empathy
  4. Act with integrity
  5. Innovate with Purpose & Adaptability
Silverchair's Core Values

Our enduring values have served as pillars of Silverchair's culture. Our fifth value is a natural extension of these principles and reflection of the spirit of purposeful innovation we already possess.

Creating Genuine Value for Our Customers and the World

There is abundant evidence that “value creation” is our ultimate focus, not only in our ways of working, but also in how we think about our impact in the world. When we talk about value creation, we are talking about having impact, about fulfilling our promise to generate quality outcomes that “expand the reach of the world’s most valuable knowledge.”

Living Our Fifth Core Value

Now that we’ve defined a core value that reflects this aspect of our identity, we turn to the important work of ensuring these principles are activated and rewarded.

  • Embracing the Mindset: Innovation is not just about groundbreaking ideas; it is a mindset of curiosity and the courage to question the status quo—qualities Silverchair already possesses in abundance. Just as we have with our four other core values, we now commit to notice it, embrace it, use it in conversation, and express our appreciation for colleagues who embody it.
  • A Nexus for Ideas: We are also taking tangible steps to promote, celebrate, and reward this value as it shows up in our culture. We will be creating a repository where our teams can share innovative ideas and discuss the ideas of others. We will review these ideas on a regular cadence and, where they are compelling and feasible, we’ll take action to make them a reality.
  • Cultivating Learning: We're fostering an environment where creative ideation thrives. We will create learning pathways focused on emerging technologies, ideation, and innovation – including leadership.
  • Celebrating Contributions: Our company goals will now include objectives reflecting our new value. We’ve also launched an award for AI innovation, spotlighting those who push boundaries with purpose. As with our other values, we will hold ourselves accountable and we will recognize and reward those who live it.
In the coming year, you’ll see this value woven throughout our outputs - through the content we write, the events we host, the products and offerings we launch, and the communities we assemble. Thanks for joining us on the journey!

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