It’s already November, and our latest cohort of Publisher Working Groups have been engaging in insightful and productive discussions in the latter half of the year. Below is a recap of recent activities and future meeting topics.

Gray Literature

  • Topic: Digital meeting artifact needs
  • Highlights:
    • There have been historical needs tied to meeting artifacts and many see this as an emerging space of importance
    • Historically, content has been relegated into PDFs, shoved into proceedings formats, but there’s an increasing appetite for more dynamic and flexible formats
    • These are content items with unique metadata needs, but at the same time comparable stats needs to books + research articles
    • Formats could vary widely from publisher to publisher, even within different meetings from the same publisher
    • Business models to productize these artifacts are still varied and unsure for the future
    • Largest need is for post-meeting artifacts, rather than pre- or during-meeting content
  • Future meeting topic: Composer demos
    • Cheryl Firestone + Gwen Travis will demo the sites that their teams have created in Composer for AAP and ASH, respectively. We’ll record this session for wider dissemination.


  • Topic: Standard view vs split view
  • Highlights:
    • Configurability between products would be great, but there’s hesitancy in ‘switching’ views after a product has launched
    • We’ll be delving into questions on split view page load time, as well as tabular order
    • Standard view seems kinder to advertising & content recommendations
    • For RUP, a split view default publisher, a quick glance at UX tracking software pointed to just .8% of users switching to standard view
  • Future meeting topic: Search and browse!
    • Specifically: journal versus book, searching within containers, user flows around browse across volumes/issues, dynamic browse capabilities, user experience within all these areas and how to make future changes


  • Topic: Reporting for reports, demo of the Silverchair Analytics re-launch
  • Highlights:
    • Silverchair Analytics re-launch
    • Recently completed Silverchair materials
      • Documentation from August Forum session is now available on the Forum Hub, including Google Analytics how-to guide, articles on what makes a good data visualizations
      • If you haven't recently visited the Forum Hub, link must be accessed via Forum Hub Link on Tools Portal
  • Suggested future meeting topic: Behavioral analytics (possible mash-up with UX PWG)
    • How to mix data streams from users with platform usage to know more about your readers/members and to make data-informed decisions and grow

Want more info about any of these topics or to join a working group? Email Hannah Heckner at

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