For over 20 years we’ve collaborated with publishers to amplify their high-value content through innovative online products. Our customers span from large commercial publishers to the U. S. Government and from university presses to independent societies. Here is a sampling of recent client work.

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Surgical Council on Resident Education: SCORE® Portal

The SCORE® Portal is an innovative, nonprofit initiative to provide residents and residency programs with high-quality educational materials and a structured program for self-learning in all areas of general surgery and related specialties. The portal houses a variety of content, including modules, videos, self-assessment questions, and book chapters.

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JAMA Network

JAMA Network brings JAMA® together with JAMA Network Open, and 11 specialty medical journals to offer enhanced access to the research, reviews, and perspectives shaping medicine today and into the future. JAMA Network is part of the American Medical Association (AMA), the unifying voice for America’s physicians, the patients they serve, and the promise of a healthier nation.

JAMA Network

American Academy of Pediatrics

AAP Point-of-Care Solutions are essential resources that share an integrated platform, with quick and easy access to well-care guides, acute-care answers, patient education, and pediatric coding. Read more about their rebranding and information architecture on the Silverchair Platform.

AAP Point-of-Care Solutions
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