Meta’s literature discovery engine is a free service that enables researchers around the world to stay on top of developments in their fields, explore landmark papers, and learn about important scientific advances in real time.  Meta has built a knowledge graph that includes 50 million+ scholarly articles.Publishers are working with the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative and Meta for several reasons.  The first is that the Meta discovery engine delivers readers back to their sites.  We do not serve the full text or pass our users off to file-sharing services.  All traffic flows to you.  Additionally,  Meta will be providing a number of free, AI-driven tools to our publisher partners.  These tools provide insights and predictions pertaining to manuscripts, articles, journals and individual entities in science.  Finally, the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative and Meta are noncommercial entities with the sole aim of improving efficiencies in research discovery. Hundreds of prominent content providers are already being indexed in this fashion, including BMJ, the American Medical Association, PNAS, Wiley, Taylor & Francis, Oxford University Press, Annual Reviews, and PLOS.



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